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Happy New Year!

What’s a New Year without a little change?

For much of 2012, I’ve blogged on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and updated our Facebook page on Tuesday and Thursday.

For the rest of December and continuing in 2013, I will update the blog on Tuesday and Thursday, while checking in to Facebook on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s the ol’ switcheroo, in other words.

I’ll still bring you timely bulletins about lost and found pets, schedule changes, and other critical information — even on non-blogging days — so that you can stay up-to-date. Otherwise, when things are quiet and all is right in Pet Owner Land, you can check in with us twice a week, or as often as you prefer.

Keep in mind that our Electronic Universe consists of four parts: e-mail, blog, Facebook, and our YouTube channel. That’s right – we have our own channel, where I’ve posted such memorable videos as “Active flea larvae on the Flea Farm,” “Tapeworm segment releasing its eggs,” and who could forget “Hungry little crab”? But the front runner so far is “Live Tapeworm segments” with 508 views.

In 2013, I plan to bring you video of live heartworm larvae (microfilariae) as viewed under a microscope. You’ll remember to give your dog his heartworm preventative every month after seeing that.

Keep watching and keep in touch.  ~~  Jen M.

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