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No pups available.

Update: Mini Paws (the curly pup on the right) has been sold.

For Sale: 2 male Yorkie-Poodle pups.

     Adorable 9-week-old pups have been seen by their veterinarian for a check-up, worming, and first vaccination.

     The pups’ “grandparents” described them for me:  “Yorkie-poos do not shed and are hypoallergenic. They are smart (easily trained), affectionate, loyal and just all-around fun.”

     Asking price is $500 per pup. Please call 583-2619 for more information; serious inquiries only.

     In the photo above, “Thomas” is on the left and “Mini Paws” is on the right.

Note: these puppies belong to a private owner; all sales terms and conditions are strictly between the buyer and seller. Little Creek Veterinary Clinic has not examined these puppies and makes no warranty or guarantee of their health or condition. Caveat emptor.

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