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October is National Pet Wellness Month

Follow these three steps to creating a wellness plan for your pet:

1. Schedule twice-a-year wellness exams. Why? Because our pets age faster than we do. Our dogs and cats are adults by age 2, middle-aged by 4, and senior citizens by 7. That means a pet’s health condition can change throughout the year. Earlier detection of diseases can lead to more effective treatments.

2. Protect your pet with vaccinations geared toward its lifestyle. Do you plan to take your pet camping or traveling? Is he going to dog parks? Boarding kennels? Doggie daycare? Grooming parlors? The more your pet is exposed to other animals and their habitats, the more protection it needs. But make no mistake: even pets that stay home can contract illnesses. 

3. Sign up for pet health insurance. We hope our pets will never become sick or injured – but some things in life are beyond our control. Where we can make a difference is in bearing the total cost of treatment. As a pet owner, you can decide to carry the financial burden yourself, or you can purchase health insurance for your pets and receive reimbursement for your expenses.

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