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Image courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts.


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Image courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


Image courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts

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Gentlemen, please leave the room. 

Ladies, let’s talk.

Are you dating or married to a man who “doesn’t believe” in Valentine’s Day?
Does he use the excuse that Valentine’s is a made-up holiday?
If so, it is time to re-educate your man. You see, every holiday is made-up. There is no such thing as a naturally-occurring holiday. All of the occasions we celebrate were invented by people and voted on by religions and governments. Even his birthday is made-up: it was invented by his parents.

What if you refused to acknowledge Christmas or Halloween, undoubtedly your honey’s favorite holidays? How well would that go over in your household?

What is the other excuse men use to get out of Valentine’s Day celebrations?
“But baby, you know I show my love for you every day in all the little things I do, so why should this one day be so special?” That’s right. Remember that time he dried a dish?
Okay, I admit there are plenty of men who are very helpful around the house, so that wasn’t fair.
The actual complaint is: I show my love for you everyday, so making a big deal out of just one day trivializes all my other romantic gestures.

But let’s look at it this way: Valentine’s Day is widely-celebrated by people who are in love.
That is its purpose.
Who wants to be left out of that fun? Who doesn’t want to feel loved by his or her significant other?
Let’s be honest: women love to brag about how romantic their boyfriends or husbands are; it’s just part of our competitive nature.
We’re always hoping our guy is more expressive and Hollywood-style romantic than the next guy and that it didn’t end with the surprise-trip-to-Paris marriage proposal.

So, say you’ve been hearing about all the fabulous plans your single and married friends have to look forward to on the 14th and you know your guy isn’t planning a dang thing. How does that really make you feel?

Now let’s flip the script: all your husband’s friends are going golfing on Presidents’ Day. They’ve been making plans for weeks and arranging their schedules around it. Your husband hopes to join in the fun.
And then you lower the boom: “Sorry, honey, I don’t believe in Presidents’ Day. It’s a made-up holiday. I’m going to mother’s for coffee and gossip while you stay home with the children/dog/cable guy. Besides, you can go golfing nearly any day, so why should this one day be so special? Toodles.”
Think he’ll be happy with that explanation?
Think he’ll be happy to hear his friends bragging later on about how understanding their wives were and how they all magically played their best round of golf ever and how there was free beer on the back nine? No!

And you shouldn’t allow Valentine’s Day to be spoiled, either.

If you’re still not convinced, answer these questions:

1. Did you agree to marry him?
1a. Did you actually marry him?

2. Did you have his baby?

3. Do you wash his socks and underwear?

4. Do you cook his dinner?

5. Were you ignored on Super Bowl Sunday?
5a. Were you ignored every game night for the entire football season?

6. Did he forget your name when he ran into his hot ex-girlfriend at the high school reunion because it turns out she’s still hot?
6a. Did you slug him?

7. Do you love him?
7a. Do you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day to show him that you love him because you realize that you are equal partners and he is not single-handedly responsible for all the romance in the relationship?

The only answer that really counts is the one you give to 7a.
Yes, it would be nice if all men were hard-wired to surprise their wives or girlfriends with the best Valentine’s Day ever, but you know what? We are many years into the Age of Equality, and there is no reason you can’t take the reins on this one.
In fact, I suspect that if you make this Valentine’s Day special for your man, it will become his favorite made-up holiday. Good luck!

Gentlemen, you may re-enter the room now.
Find more Victorian Valentine images at Vintage Holiday Crafts.

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The Love Connection Edition    

     “Pet ownership and beyond…”  This blog’s tagline means I’m bringing you more than pet ownership basics.  Using this blog and my extreme websurfing talents, I shall perform a social service, in advance of Valentine’s Day.  Call me Cupid.

     Single pet-parents take note:  there are Internet-based dating services designed to match you with the pet-enthusiast of your dreams.  No more falling in love with someone, only to discover she can’t stand cats.  Or you meet Mr. Perfect and he claims to be allergic to poodles (impossible, I say!) 

     It’s bad enough when you discover the person you love eats only cheese pizza, while you’re an “everything on it” type.  There are no pizza-based dating services (except in Chicago, I’m sure) but there are plenty of pet-owner dating services. 

     I want you to find love by Valentine’s Day, and you have only 28 days to do it, so here is a list of services to get you started:

     Good luck out there!  ~~  Jen


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