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October is National Pet Wellness Month.

Something to chew on:

“Infection associated with periodontal disease can be responsible for bad breath, and bacteria can enter a pet’s blood stream and spread to vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys.” 
– Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Sometimes our lives get so hectic that important tasks are forgotten. September begins a cycle for many people of school / work / holiday chaos that doesn’t seem to end until January. Unfortunately, our pets can get lost in the shuffle.

Maybe you forgot to apply the spot-on flea control or, more seriously, forgot to give the heartworm preventative.

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve taken your pet to the groomers.

And when was the last time you were able to devote an hour to playtime with your cat or taking your dog for an extra-long walk?

That’s why having a Pet Wellness Plan in place is so important: it keeps our pets top-of-mind and makes it easier to remember tasks like giving medication or going to the vet to update a Rabies shot.

At its most basic, a Pet Wellness Plan consists of three things:

  1. Twice a year examinations
  2. Protective vaccinations
  3. Pet health insurance

But we’ve expanded the list this month to include:

       4.  Microchipping
       5.  Spay/neuter
       6.  Internal parasite control
       7.  External parasite control

Today, we’ll add this:

       8.  Dental care

Remember the statement from Hill’s Pet Nutrition at the beginning of this post? Your pet’s mouth is the gateway to his general physical health. Problems that begin in the mouth, such as plaque buildup and inflamed gums, can lead to more serious problems affecting vital organs.

February is Dental Health Month, but oral care is a year-round task. So why not get started today?

Links round-up

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     Great news! We’ve added a new dental care product to our line-up:  VetzLife Oral Care Gel.

     You may have seen similar products advertised on TV: a gel or liquid is applied to the pet’s teeth daily or weekly, and plaque and tartar begin to break down.

     No process is as fast and effective as a dental cleaning under general anesthesia, but not all pets are suitable candidates for the procedure. Instead, more veterinarians and their clients are turning to products like VetzLife Oral Care Gel to provide a safe form of plaque and tartar removal.

     Plaque and tartar removal do take time, and it requires consistent application of the gel. And if you feel that your pet won’t like having its mouth handled, you can pat some gel on his lips. When he licks it off, the gel will spread over his teeth.

     We chose VetzLife Oral Care Gel, because it offers professional strength plaque and tartar reduction and 100% all-natural ingredients, at an affordable price. It also kills the bacteria that cause gingivitis and bad breath.

     See two photos below showing actual results after thirty days of application, on two different dogs.


     Ask for a bottle of VetzLife Oral Care Gel on your next visit to our clinic. We’ll even take before and after photos for you, to document the difference.
Photos above were borrowed from with permission.

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