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     Itchy, flaky skin.  Dull haircoat.  Excessive shedding.  Sound like your dog?  If you’re tired of bathing your dog weekly in an effort to improve its skin and coat, it may be time to try a different approach.  Your pet may need a nutritional supplement, like ProDerma.

     We’ve been dispensing ProDerma for years as a healthy, drug-free method of skin and fur maintenance.  ProDerma is a nutritional supplement in powder form which can be sprinkled over any kind of pet food.  It can even be made into a broth.  Its essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins help restore and protect healthy skin and coats.

       Clients have seen a demonstrable improvement in their pet’s skin and coat condition when using ProDerma.  It is safe to use as a daily supplement for all life stages.  Ask us about it on your next visit. 

~  Jen

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