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From the Case Files:

Did you know that dogs and cats can develop an allergy to plastic found in products such as food & water dishes and pet toys? This type of allergic reaction can lead to mild or severe irritation and sores at the lips, chin, jaw, and nose. (Other areas of the body may be affected, as well.) 

A plastic dish may not be right for your pet.

A plastic dish may not be right for your pet.

If your pet’s veterinarian suspects your pet is allergic to plastic, he or she may recommend you swap out all plastic bowls and dishes for stainless steel. You may also be instructed to remove plastic and rubber pet toys. In some cases, the veterinarian will prescribe a topical ointment to use on the affected area.

Inform the veterinarian if the problem persists or if you see signs of infection, such as pus, swelling, inflammation, or bleeding. Other causes of skin disorders include mites, fungus, bacteria, allergens, and even the body’s immune system.

Since there are numerous potential causes for sores and inflammation, check with your pet’s veterinarian to get a professional opinion on your pet’s specific case.

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