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The 2012 Hurricane Season is just a memory, but it’s never too soon to gather resources for future events. I spoke with Mr. Scott Mahone, Norfolk’s Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, and he wanted me to pass along information on Norfolk’s Pet-Friendly Emergency Shelter. The shelter is open to all pet owners who meet the guidelines listed below. Owners are expected to remain at the shelter with their pets — this is not a drop-off service.

The following information is excerpted from

Norfolk now has a Pet-Friendly Shelter! 

Located at the Bayview Recreation Center. Be sure to review all the requirements below before bringing your pet to the shelter. 

Pets will not be permitted at other shelters within the Norfolk City limits.

Location of the Pet-Friendly Shelter:
Bayview Recreation Center
8613 Willow Terrace Blvd.
Norfolk, Va. 23503

Pets that will be accepted at the shelter:
Norfolk’s Pet-Friendly Shelter will be available for domestic animals only.
Household Pets: A domestic animal, such as a

  • dog
  • cat
  • bird
  • rabbit
  • rodent
  • turtle

that is traditionally kept in the home for pleasure rather than for commercial purposes, can travel in commercial carriers, and be housed in temporary facilities.
*Owner will be responsible for animal care, including walking and feeding their animal(s).

Household pets do not include

  • reptiles (except turtles)
  • amphibians
  • fish
  • insects/arachnids
  • farm animals (including horses)
  • animals kept for racing purposes.

Note: Service Animals are permitted at any and all shelters!

For complete information, including Pet Preparation Tips and the Registration Process, visit the official site here.Est. 1973

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St. Francis ministers to the animals


     In honor of the Feast Day of St. Francis (October 4th), Patron Saint of Animals, some area churches will hold a Blessing of the Animals.  Here are just a few: 

  • Saturday, October 2nd at 9 AM…..Christ the King Church…..1803 Columbia Ave in Norfolk…..Please bring your animal friends…..Donations of food for shelter animals is appreciated…..
  • Sunday, October 3rd at 11 AM…..Episcopal Church of the Ascension…..405 Talbot Hall Rd. in Norfolk…..Meet in the River Pavilion out back…..Donations of food, rags, toys, or other items that can be used in a shelter or foster home are appreciated…..
  • Sunday, October 3rd at 2 PM…..Historic St. Luke’s Church…..14477 Benn’s Church Blvd. in Smithfield…..Please bring items for the Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter which desperately needs dry and canned food for kittens, cats, or dogs; dog and cat treats; blankets; and clay, non-clumping litter…..A book written about our event, “Lili of St. Luke’s,” is available in our gift shop….
  • Sunday, October 3rd at 4 PM…..Blessed Sacrament Church…..6400 Newport Ave. in Norfolk…..Father Joe will bless your pets (live, stuffed animals, or pictures of your pets)…..  ALL types of animals are welcome…..We will gather in the parking lot of the Church…..A cookies & punch reception to follow…..  
  • Sunday, October 3rd from 4-5 PM…..Trinity Episcopal Church…..500 Court St. in Portsmouth…..All are invited to bring their pets for a blessing at this annual service in the church…..The collection will benefit the Portsmouth Humane Society…..  

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