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     Ginny had overslept; her sisters almost left without her that morning.  She ran to the kitchen and gobbled down her breakfast, then waited patiently for one of the older girls to brush her hair.  She had soft golden locks like Chloe and Emma, but her hair was much shorter and didn’t require ribbons and bows.  Soon, the girls were out the door with Ginny following behind.  They ordered her back inside, but she loved to see her friends from around the neighborhood on mornings like this.

     Some of the children were already gathered in front of the Joneses’ house.  Ginny knew most of them.  There was Tommy, leaping off the curb on his skateboard to impress Mariah, who was ignoring him and looking at a book.  Retha and Hailey were turning cartwheels on the Joneses’ soft green grass, which was a good thing when Hailey lost her balance and fell.  Chris and Joey were playing Army men, crawling behind bushes and talking on imaginary radios.

     Louis was kicking a red and white ball by himself, so Ginny decided he’d be the perfect playmate.  Louis knelt and hugged her, then gently rolled the ball down the sidewalk and Ginny ran after it.  The ball was too big for her to carry, so she pushed it instead.  Chloe and Emma saw what fun she was having and joined her.  Ginny loved her sisters’ attention and secretly hoped they’d been jealous to see her playing with Louis.

     When the big yellow bus arrived, the children gathered their books and backpacks and climbed inside.  Ginny stared after them, anxious for the day she’d be old enough to get on the bus, too, and go wherever they were going.  For now, she obeyed Chloe’s order to go home. 

     Momma greeted Ginny at the door and scratched her behind the ears.  She followed Momma into the kitchen where she was rewarded with a cookie.  Then Momma sat at the table to sew and Ginny curled up next to her feet.  The sewing machine hummed to life and Ginny thumped her tail on the floor, content to nap until her sisters returned home.

Story by Jennifer Miele. This story was originally published here and on my personal blog.

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