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All dogs are required to be licensed by the city in which they live.  Some cities, such as Norfolk and Virginia Beach, issue cat licenses, as well.  Pet licenses must be renewed each year and are granted to pets that have a current Rabies vaccination.

     Pet owners typically receive a discount on licensing fees for each spayed or neutered pet.  Senior citizens may receive an additional discount on fees for spayed or neutered pets.

     Click on your city’s name for information on license fees, due dates, and issuing agencies.

     The Commonwealth of Virginia requires all dogs and cats over four months old to be vaccinated against Rabies

     Virginia has also instituted a law requiring veterinarians to forward Rabies vaccination information to local city treasurers.  The treasurer compares information received from the veterinarians with its roster of licensed animals.  If an owner has not purchased a license, the treasurer will mail a notice to the owner requesting compliance.

     Veterinarians do not report unlicensed animals to city agencies.  Our concern is the public health aspect of ensuring that pets and their owners are protected against Rabies, since the disease is present in Hampton Roads.  Pet owners are responsible for complying with pet license rules in their city of residence.  ~~  Jen

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