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We are sorry to report that our phone service has been spotty since last week, since a tech visit by our phone service provider to clear static from the lines. However, we did not appreciate the full extent of the problem until today.

At this time, our answering machine cannot connect to the phone system and record your messages. Our fax machine is unable to receive faxes. And it appears that one of our phones is not working. 

The good bit of news is that the front desk phone is working and we have discovered a work-around in order to run the credit card machine. Please do not notify our phone service provider, though; we’re afraid they’ll come back out and “fix” those, too!

If you have been trying to reach us and were unsuccessful, we share in your frustration. We hope to have a resolution this week.

In the meantime, please Contact Us with your non-emergency issues and questions.

In an emergency, call 757-499-5463.

UPDATE: Robocalls have no problem getting through, as usual. *eyeroll*

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After the go-round with our phones last week,
I’ve decided I need a Moment of Zen.

Here it is:



(Photo of sunset at Denbigh Park by Jennifer Miele)

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UPDATED:  Verizon has fixed the phone lines at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic, so our main number is working once again. Be sure to save our contact information in your phone: 757-583-2619.

Our phone troubles took a new twist today, as we discovered that calls to the non-functioning main line were not being routed to the secondary line. If you tried to call in this morning, you likely heard endless ringing, with no voice mail option.

Verizon has instituted a temporary fix for the problem, so that calls will be properly routed.

You should be able to reach us at the main number (757-583-2619), but if you experience trouble with that, please use our secondary number: 757-583-2610.

Or you can send an e-mail to

Thank you for bearing with us!

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