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At Little Creek Veterinary Clinic, we love to give a special award to pets whose poop is free of parasites and eggs, blood, and foreign objects.

The Clean As A Whistle Award is one that nearly everyone can strive for.

[Pets with certain medical conditions may show blood in the stool, even during treatment — we totally understand!]

Here are the latest recipients of the coveted Clean As A Whistle Award:

  • Bear H.
  • Daisy W.
  • Harley Quinn K.
  • Izzy K.
  • Lucy C.
  • Maggie May M.
  • Molly H.
  • Luna M.
  • Goldie G.
  • Willy T.
  • Pulpita F.
  • Mia T.
  • Kimber F.
  • Mykah Jean N.
  • Smokey H.
  • Bindi G.
  • Lucky L.
  • Sam M.
  • Happy R.
  • Remi M.

Good job, everyone!

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…is contained in one site: Pets & Parasites, brought to you by the Companion Animal Parasite Council.

Thunderstorms. Loneliness. Bathtime.

Our pets have enough things to worry about — so let’s cross worms, fleas, ticks, and mites off their list.

*Learn about the internal and external parasites most commonly found in dogs and cats and how to prevent them.

*Protect your human family members from parasites.

*See why experts predict a high risk of heartworm disease for pets living in Virginia.

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*View the Parasite Prevalence Map to see which Virginia counties have a history of tick-borne diseases.

When you’ve finished honing your knowledge of parasite risks and prevention, Contact Us to make sure your pet is protected!

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