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We’ve talked about Disaster Planning before, since coastal Virginia is known for taking hits from tropical storms, minor [so far!] hurricanes, and Nor’easters. But with flood zones appearing to grow and deepen, more residents may be forced to evacuate their homes when severe weather is on the way.

[Virginians, find your storm surge flood map here.]

Disaster planning can also help in an emergency — evacuation due to a fire, for instance — so it is recommended year-round, according to Dr. Donald Miele, a Norfolk veterinarian.

Nationwide Pet Insurance has produced this infographic to help you remember the important things when making your plan.

Disaster Plan

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Contact Us to reserve your copy of this Disaster Preparedness guide ($2 per booklet):

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     So far this week we have 1) an ongoing swamp fire, 2) a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, and 3) a looming Cat 3 hurricane.  Meanwhile, 37 million Californians just said, “I’m so glad I don’t live in Virginia.” 

     Information you can use:

  • Our clinic will be closed this Saturday, August 27th, as we batten down the hatches.  We’re working to pray the storm away (although still close enough to put out the Dismal Swamp fires), but it never hurts to be prepared.
  • I just received a call from Pampered Pets in Charlottesville, advising me that they have room for pets being evacuated westward.  All dogs and cats must be accompanied with proof of vaccination, such as Rabies plus DHPP/Bordetella for dogs and FVRCCP for cats.  Call Pampered Pets at 434-293-7387 to reserve a spot if you’re headed that way.  Website:
  • You still have time to pick up a copy of “Saving the Whole Family (Disaster Preparedness Series)” booklet, which guides you through the process of preparing for weather-related emergencies.  Get it at our office for $2.

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     Last week, I considered blogging about disaster preparedness during storm season.  I decided not to because I thought it might be a bit of a downer, and, anyway, there weren’t any big storms on the horizon.  That changed over the weekend.  No one has suggested so far that we’ll get much more than a glancing blow from Earl, but it does make one consider what to do in the event of a more direct hit.

     To help you consider all angles of your evacuation or shelter plan, the American Veterinary Medical Association has compiled a booklet called “Saving the Whole Family (Disaster Preparedness Series.)”  When the AVMA says “whole family,” they mean pets, too.  Many folks discover the hard way that storm shelters set up for people will not accept pets.  Also, pets come with a laundry list of supplies needed to keep them in good health during evacuation.

     The booklet, which provides pre-evacuation and post-crisis advice, is available at our office for $2.  As a benefit, $1.50 of the purchase price will be donated to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation Animal Disaster Relief and Response Fund.  The Fund will be used to cover costs associated with medical treatment for animals, animal care, medical teams and supplies in storm-damaged areas.

     While the booklet is chock-full of good advice, you must still do some research of your own.  Do you know which animal shelters in town are willing or able to take in pets during a hurricane?  Is your pet guaranteed a spot at the shelter?  What supplies and documentation will be required?  There is no time like the present to learn about your options – don’t wait until the trees start bending.

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