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Happy New Year 2018!
We hope your year is off to a happy and healthy start.

Speaking of happy and healthy, you may have resolved to keep your pets on their special prescription diets, flea control, and heartworm preventative year-round, so they can have an awesome 2018, too.

If so, we’ve got good news: several pet supply manufacturers have jumped in to load us up on coupons and rebate forms for some of your favorite pet products, available at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.

Keep in mind that these coupons and rebates are valid only for products purchased in our office and must be accompanied by our original receipt and the manufacturer’s original rebate form, which we will provide you. (Photocopies will not be accepted.)

Please note the expiration date, if any, on each form. Rebates and coupons that have expired cannot be honored, so don’t delay — restock your pet’s pantry and medicine cabinet soon!

Contact Us for details and offer expiration dates.

Check out the offers below, for the pet food, flea control,
or heartworm preventative that you use:

$10 coupon for Hill’s Prescription Diet Derm Defense, available at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.
Click to enlarge. Sample only; not valid for redemption.


$15 rebate for Hill’s Prescription Diet; limit one per customer. Available at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic. Click to enlarge.


Hill’s Prescription Diet 5-4-3-2 coupons. Available at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic. Click to enlarge. Sample only; not valid for redemption.


Seresto 8-month Flea & Tick collar $15 rebate. Available at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic. Click to enlarge.


Sentinel heartworm/intestinal worm/flea control rebates. Available at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic. Click to enlarge.


Heartgard 12-dose/$12 rebate offer, available at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.

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The heat and humidity are on everyone’s mind this summer. We’ve warned of the dangers of heat stroke in pets and most pet owners are keeping their dogs and cats indoors, where it’s safe. But suppose the A/C goes out? Or you just want to give your pet a little something extra to keep it cool? 

We’ve scoured the Internet to find products that are designed to help keep pets cool.* Click the links to learn more about each product and where they can be purchased.

Dog Cooling Paddog-cooling-pad

Dog Cooling Jacketdog-cooling-jacket

Crate Fan
Crate fanCooling Scarf


Hydro Bone Freezable ToyHydroBone

Remember, pets are safest kept indoors in an air-conditioned environment during the hot summer months. Heat stroke can occur under the right circumstances, even to pets using the above products. Pug-nosed, elderly, overweight, and infirm pets are especially at risk.

*These products have not been used or tested by the doctor or staff at our clinic, and we therefore make no warranties or guarantees as to the safety or efficacy of any product. Be sure any product you purchase is specifically designed for your pet’s species, breed, size, and age.  

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     We have a magical little instrument in our clinic that causes fleas to appear on demand. What is this mysterious device?

     It’s a flea comb! (And no, it’s not actually meant to give fleas that fancy pompadour they’ve been craving.)

     Drag one of these combs through your pet’s fur and watch it grab fleas and flea dirt alike. To kill the fleas, pop them with the metal handle (such a satisfying  sound, really) or dunk them in a jar of rubbing alcohol.

     Flea combs are safe to use on dogs and cats and won’t interfere with topical flea and tick treatments. Be sure to get one on your next visit to our clinic.  After all, it may be Winter for another week, but the bugs are already hoppin’!

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