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[*Not Suitable for Dinner.]

Eating while surfing the ‘net? You may want to cover your eyes for this next part.

We recovered the Tapeworm, shown below, from a patient and, for our amusement, measured the nasty parasite.

Now, most of us see individual Tapeworm proglottids — the short, rice-like segments that exit a pet’s rear-end one at a time. Each of these segments is filled with eggs, which may be consumed by flea larvae once the proglottid is out in the open. The flea matures, hops onto a pet, is then swallowed by a dog or cat during self-grooming, and the whole process begins again.

In this case, it appears that the entire worm has exited the body. (Lord knows why, since all the nutrition it needs is still inside the cat!)

So now, for your edutainment, we present this 10-centimeter Tapeworm, whom we have positively identified through fingerprint analysis** as being the notorious Lonnie Canklespot Gorman, the Third.

Yowza!!!  Photo by Jennifer Miele

Click to enlarge. Photo by Jennifer Miele

**Tapeworms do not actually have fingerprints.

If you’ve seen fleas on your pet, he (or she) could also have Tapeworms. While you may not see anything this big, you may see rice-sized or sesame seed-sized segments on your pet’s rear end, poop, or wherever he’s been sitting. If you suspect your pet has Tapeworms, ask your vet for prescription-strength worming medication today.

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Nexgard 4

Merial (the maker of HeartGard Plus and Frontline) has introduced
a brand-new weapon in the war on fleas: NexGard.

NexGard uses a unique ingredient (afoxolaner), which fleas and ticks have not had a chance to “get used to.” Many researchers and pet owners are beginning to suspect that fleas are becoming resistant to chemicals which have long been on the marketplace.

To answer this concern, Merial has developed NexGard.

NexGard is a safe, once-a-month chewable treatment that kills adult fleas and the American dog tick for 30 days. It is approved for use in dogs and puppies 8 weeks of age and older, weighing at least 4 lbs. (NexGard is not for use in cats.)

NexGard is the first and only chew that kills both fleas and ticks.

NexGard is beef-flavored, but it won’t trigger your pet’s beef allergies. And unlike Comfortis, it does not need to be given with a meal.

NexGard is a prescription drug, sold by your veterinarian.

We are currently making NexGard available for dogs weighing 60-121 lbs. If you would like to be one of the first to try NexGard for your pet, please Contact our office.

BONUS for HEARTGARD PLUS users: Receive a $25 rebate when you purchase 6 doses of HeartGard + 6 doses of NexGard. Rebate forms are available at our office.

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     Here’s a possibility that’ll leave you itchy the rest of the day: Maybe it’s bedbugs.

     The U.S. is being hit with a resurgence of these nasty vermin since the most effective pesticides have been outlawed.  And now comes word that our pets may be bothered by the little blood-suckers, as well.  That makes sense; bedbugs live on blood and they aren’t terribly picky about the source. Read on:

My dog scratches all the time and has bug bites, but I don’t see fleas.

     If your pet’s been keeping you awake nights with the sounds of constant scratching and chewing, and you’re plagued with itchy welts, too, bedbugs could be the culprits.

How do I find the little suckers?

     Get a flashlight, pull back the sheets and mattress covers and look for specks of blood, droppings, shed skins and eggshells and the little brown bugs themselves.  Inspect behind the headboard and all around the mattress and boxspring, especially at the seams.  Check nearby furniture, including chairs, nightstands, and bureaus.  The bugs like to insert themselves into the thinnest cracks and crevices, so examine all spots, however small.  Remember to inspect the undersides of furniture, as well.

EEEEK!  I found some!  Now what?

     If you discover an infestation, call a professional licensed exterminator for help.  Some companies use insecticides to combat the bugs, while others use extreme heat-producing appliances.

Where do bedbugs come from?

     Well, kids, when a mommy bedbug and a daddy bedbug love each other very much – oh wait, that’s not what you meant, is it?  We’ll save that story for another time.  Bedbugs can be transported in on used furniture, clothing, and suitcases.  I’ve made it a habit to travel with a Maglite flashlight and carefully check the bed and other furniture in hotel rooms.  For Craigslist fanatics, beware the Curb Alert – free furniture is not a bargain if it comes with bugs.

If I have bedbugs, does that mean my house is dirty?

     Bedbugs don’t distinguish between dirty homes and clean ones.  They’re just looking for a food source and that is you.  And sometimes your pet.  Cleanliness has nothing to do with it.

Are bedbug bites dangerous?

     They’re more annoying than anything.  The bites may become infected due to excessive scratching.  Otherwise, bedbugs are not known to transmit disease.  In severe infestations, though, a patient may develop anemia. 

Where can I go to see bedbug photos that will freak me out and make me feel itchy all night?

     Glad you asked!  The College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky has an informative PDF on bedbugs here.

How many beds could a bedbug bug if a bedbug could bug beds?

     Tragically, that question remains unanswered to this day.


Some information for this article was gleaned from an interview betweenClinician’s Brief and Dr. Susan Little.

This article was originally posted on November 18, 2010.

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NPWM 009

In recognition of National Pet Wellness Month, we present the

Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy:

  1. Twice a year examinations
  2. Protective vaccinations
  3. Pet health insurance
  4. Microchipping
  5. Spay/neuter
  6. Internal parasite control
  7. External parasite control
  8. Dental care
  9. Proper diet
  10. Exercise

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If you’ve thought about switching your dog’s brand of heartworm preventative to Sentinel, now is the time to act.

Not only will your pet receive 5-in-1 protection against heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and flea infestations, but you’ll be eligible to win a rebate up to $50. And you could score a new Samsung Smart TV!

Stop in, between now and October 11th, to purchase Sentinel for your dog and receive a scratch-off game card. Your game card will reveal rebate offers from $l0 to $50.*

When you redeem your game card, you’ll automatically be entered into the Smart Play Sweepstakes to win a Samsung Smart TV.

This offer is available only through veterinarians, so come see us today!

*Rebate will be sent to you in the form of a Visa prepaid card.

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Have you heard of the new 8-month flea collar, Seresto?

Seresto collar

Seresto is creating a buzz, so we are trying it out among our patients. If your dog is older than 7 weeks and weighs more than 18 pounds, and you’d like to try the Seresto collar on him or her, call us and claim a collar today.

(Why Seresto? This revolutionary collar repels and kills ticks for 8 months, kills fleas for 8 months, kills chewing lice for 30 days, and aids in the treatment and control of Sarcoptic mange.)

Plus, you can receive a $20 rebate* on the cost of your pet’s new collar when you sign up for Bayer’s reminder service online.

Contact us today to reserve a Seresto collar for your dog.

[*Limit 2 rebates per household.]



In other flea-control news, we are systematically replacing our Canine Advantage stock with Canine Advantix, due to popular consumer demand.
Advantix will become available as the Advantage sizes sell out.
We are expecting our shipment of Canine Advantix for 22-55 lb. dogs to arrive by early next week.


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Get a jump on flea season – don’t wait until it’s too late! 

Here’s why we’ve been using and recommending Fleabusters Powder for over 15 years: 

Fleabusters Rx for Fleas

Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus

Fleabusters Powder (also known as Rx for Fleas Plus) is…

*Formulated to kill fleas in your carpet and upholstered furniture physically, rather than chemically, so fleas won’t become immune to its effects. 

*Safe for people and pets (it has a neutral pH of 7.0), so there’s no need to leave home during or after application.

*Safe on all carpets and fabrics.

*Perfect for baseboard areas of non-carpeted rooms.


*Designed to keep killing fleas for a full year – with a guarantee to back it up.

*Packaged in a 3 pound canister – enough to treat five average-size rooms.

*Sold through Little Creek Veterinary Clinic. Get yours today!


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