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Did you know — Hampton Roads art galleries are a wonderful source for finding artworks featuring pets and wildlife. [Check out this former exhibit selection of animals in art from the Artists Gallery in Virginia Beach.]

The Suffolk Art Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit that features artworks of many different subjects — and as always, I’ve scouted some works featuring animals in art. There are more to see, though, so head out to the Suffolk Art Gallery before the show closes on October 19, 2018.

This slide show features just some of the works currently on view. Frames and artists’ names are not shown; colors may appear different in these photos than in actuality.

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Looking to add to your art collection — or start one — with animal-themed artworks? Now is the perfect time to go shopping at The Artists Gallery in Virginia Beach.

“All About Animals” on view at The Artists Gallery in April.
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The Artists Gallery’s current exhibit, “All About Animals,” features dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish, and wildlife — in other words, there’s something for everyone! And all pieces are created by local artists who live and work in our community. In fact, you may get to meet the artist whose painting you purchase.

“All About Animals” is on view through the end of April. Don’t wait — go see it!

But first — check out this sneak preview:

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We will soon be trading out Alexandra Whiteside’s photos on our waiting room “art wall” for an original painting by Alexandra.


All but one of the photos are for sale by the artist. (The Fokker DR-7 photo is privately owned by Dr. Miele and is not for sale.)
Please contact us if you have an interest in purchasing an item and we will put you in touch with Alexandra.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak at “Fountain,” the new piece we will be exhibiting. “Fountain” was a work in progress when this photo was taken.

A portion of "Fountain," an original painting by Alexandra Whiteside.

A portion of “Fountain,” an original painting by Alexandra Whiteside.

Alexandra is Dr. Miele’s eldest daughter. She has exhibited her photography at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Norfolk Botanical Garden, Waterside Festival Marketplace, and Major Hillard Library in Chesapeake. She has most recently exhibited her paintings at the Hampton Roads Convention Center’s Halls of Art and at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, where she is also an adjunct professor.


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     One of my most favorite things in the world is original artwork created by people like you and me.  There is a wealth of talent to be found in Hampton Roads.  I haven’t personally acquired or commissioned enough pieces to call myself a Patron of the Arts, but I enjoy supporting the artists I know through my encouragement and (occasional) acquisitions.  Even better is when art is gifted to me, such as this drawing by my friend Mark Charles Duncan. 

Canis Lupus by Mark Charles Duncan


     My friends Mark and Debra gave this piece to me as a Valentine’s Day gift many years ago.  It hangs in my office, where I can see it and think of them every day. 

     As you may recall from previous posts, I am a fan of local watercolor phenom Eileen Stouter and have purchased several of her paintings.  Mrs. Stouter also donated three pieces which hang in the clinic waiting room.  Two of my favorites: 

Watercolor by Eileen Stouter


Watercolor by Eileen Stouter


     Last weekend, I had the pleasure of discovering the Gallery On the York, in Yorktown.  The Gallery features works by a number of artists, each carefully selected by the Board of Directors.  I found some favorite pieces among the bunch, but alas, I could not take them all home with me.  However, I did find this little gem: 

Tea Party by Carolyn Brunty DeLizzio


     I absolutely adore this tiny Tea Party.  I plan to frame it and give it to my niece.  If I hear any whispers that Evie does not love it as much as I do, I will snatch it back.  Of course, she’s only 7 months old, so I’ll have to cut her some slack. 

     All of this brings me to a local art-based fundraiser, in which you or anyone else can participate. 

Raising Cane for Catholic Charities


     Raising Cane is a fundraiser to benefit the elderly in our area.  Purchase a cane for $25 from Catholic Charities (5361 Virginia Beach Blvd in Virginia Beach) before August 13th and decorate the cane however you wish.  Return your masterpiece to the Catholic Charities office by September 10th.  the canes will be displayed at Pembroke Mall and a reception will be held for participants on Opening Night, September 17th.  

     I purchased a cane on which my sister Alexandra and her husband Jimi plan to paint hedgehogs frolicking among the leaves.  You can paint, glue, carve or knit (I’ve actually considered knitting a Cane Cozy.  Too bad I don’t know how to knit.) whatever you wish.  The canes are for display only; they do not have to remain practical for use.  Interested?  Call 456-2366 ext. 504 or 521 OR visit today and start Raising Cane!  ~~  Jen

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Collection of postcards featuring works by Eileen Stouter

     If you’ve been in our office within the past year, you’ve likely noticed the beautiful watercolor paintings which hang in our waiting room.  The paintings are the creation of our client Eileen Stouter, featuring her beloved cats Buff, Goldie, and Marco.  I have purchased several of her works, and Mrs. Stouter graciously gifted our clinic with three of the watercolors.

     Mrs. Stouter’s paintings have run the gamut from pets to still-lifes, garden settings to seashores and beyond.  Her attention to detail conveys realism, while her delicate touch with a paintbrush adds an ethereal quality.

     Mrs. Stouter’s works have been featured at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, The Gallery at East Beach, and the Chesapeake Bay Art Association Outdoor Art Show.  Now you can see her latest works of art at the Pembroke 4 Art Gallery.

     The Pembroke 4 Art Gallery is hosting an opening reception this Friday, July 23 from 7 to 9 PM.  The paintings will then remain on display during normal business hours through October 16th.  The Pembroke 4 Art Gallery is located at 291 Independence Blvd. in Virginia Beach.  Look for the gallery on the ground floor.

     I encourage you to take the opportunity to view Mrs. Stouter’s artwork on display.  You may discover a favorite new artist.  ~~ Jen

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