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If you have pet owners on your Christmas list,
or you just want to pick up something handy for your own furbabies,
you can shop at the vet’s office. 

Take a look at our Christmas gift basket to get a few ideas:


(Click to enlarge)

Left to right in the basket:

HyLyt shampoo – a gentle, hypoallergenic moisturizing shampoo that promotes healthy skin and coat

Pill crusher – crush pills into a fine powder and make them more palatable by mixing with food

Seresto collar for dogs – up to 8 months of flea and tick control in one collar

Grooming glove – small plastic studs remove loose fur and dirt while you pet your cat or dog

Free Form Snip Tips – Omega 3 fatty acids promote healthier skin and coat, immune system, and joints

Jumbo nail trimmer – easy-to-use nail trimmer for dogs and cats

Flea comb – closely-spaced teeth remove fleas and flea dirt, along with loose fur

VetzLife Oral Care gel – removes tartar from teeth and freshens breath; available in mint or salmon flavors



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Q:  What happens when you combine your pet’s thyroid pills with your blood pressure medication?

A:  You don’t want to find out.

And you don’t have to. For safety’s sake, always use a separate pill splitter for your pet’s medication. If you share, some pill dust may remain behind on the splitter, inadvertently exposing you to your pet’s drugs or exposing your pet to your medication.

Though the risk of cross-contamination may be small, it’s not a risk worth taking.

We recommend our combo pill splitter/crusher to better enable you to conceal medication in your pet’s food. As a bonus, it is unlikely to look like the device you use for your own meds, so there’s no confusing the two.

The brand we carry has a splitter

a crusher 

and compartments for holding small quantities of pills.

Take it apart for easy cleaning 

then snap it back together for easy storage. 

Pick one up on your next visit to our clinic!

Pet poisoning from human drug ingestion is a common occurrence. 
Keep these numbers on hand in the event of a poisoning emergency:

Pet Poison Helpline……………………………………1-800-213-6680

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center……….1-888-426-4435

BluePearl Veterinary Emergency Hospital….757-499-5463

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