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This sweet dog was found this afternoon near

Newport Avenue and W. Little Creek Road in Norfolk.

If you recognize her, please help

reunite her with her family.

Call 757-995-3315.

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Please be on the lookout for “Billy,” a young male Westie.
He became lost in Norfolk, but could end up in Virginia Beach
if someone has picked him up.

Have you seen Billy?

Have you seen Billy?

Lost Westie 2

“Billy” may be shy, so if you see him, don’t chase him.
Instead, call the owner at the number listed below or
call Animal Protection (757-664-7387 in Norfolk / 757-385-4444 in Virginia Beach). 


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Do you know this dog?

Do you know this dog?

UPDATE: This pet has been reunited with its family!

This intact male dog (pictured above) was found wandering in Norfolk on August 25th. He has no evident ID or microchip.

The finder would like to locate his family ASAP. The pet’s owner should be prepared to provide proof of ownership in order to reclaim the dog.

If you recognize this pet and can help get him home, please call our clinic at 757-583-2619.

Note: This pet is not at our clinic at this time.

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The Corgi-type dog pictured below was found wandering on Caribou Avenue in Norfolk this morning.

Attempts to locate the owner have been unsuccessful so far, as the dog’s microchip does not appear to be registered in a database.

Do you know this dog? If so, we need your help!

Do you know this dog? If so, we need your help!

If you recognize this pet, please contact us by calling 757-583-2619 and leave a message with your name and phone number.

The pet’s owner should be prepared to show proof of ownership in order to retrieve the pet (so that it goes home with the right family.)

Note:  This pet is not at our clinic at this time.

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UPDATE: This pet has been reunited with her family!

(photos removed)

The small, black dog, pictured above, was discovered wandering down Azalea Garden Rd. in Norfolk, between the airport and Military Highway. She was found at approximately 4:50 PM today.

The dog is a female and appears to be a Dachshund-mix. She was not wearing a collar and did not appear to be microchipped.

If you know this dog’s owner, please ask them to call us tonight at 757-583-2619 before 9 PM

Note:  This dog is not at our clinic at this time.

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A family pet went missing from her home in Norfolk on Monday, October 2nd. She lost her ID tags in a separate adventure a couple days before. Please see the notice below for her description and details. 

If you believe you have seen this dog, (which may be in the company of a new “owner” by now) please contact our office.

Missing dog in Norfolk, VA

Have you seen this pet?

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The missing dog may look similar to this one. Photo by Tom Walsh via Wikimedia Commons.

We have received notice of a Chocolate Lab missing from the Princess Anne Road area of Norfolk since yesterday.

The Lab is a 12-year-old female, last seen with a collar. (Be aware that the collar may have come off or it may have been removed.) She is brown, with grey fur at her muzzle.

If you believe that you have seen her, please call the 24/7 Lost Pet Hotline at 1-877-875-7387.

Photo of a similar Chocolate Lab by Tom Walsh, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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Chesapeake, VA – A Beagle dug her way out of her yard near the intersection of Butts Station and Kempsville Road in Chesapeake on June 12th. Her owners have reported her missing and are still searching.

Spayed female Beagle

Brown legs and face; black/red back; white paws and tail tip

Petite; weighs 21 lbs

Has a microchip registered with HomeAgain

If you think you have seen this pet, please contact HomeAgain at 1-888-466-3242 (24-hour hotline.)

The missing dog may resemble the Beagle shown here. If a photo of the actual missing pet is provided, we will update this post.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, by Blueillusions. 

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UPDATE: Penny’s owners are happy to report that she has been found.

Please keep an eye out for this chocolate-brown and white Chihuahua that went missing from its home in the Lafayette-Winona area around midnight last night. 

Penny is female, weighs 15 lbs, and was last seen wearing a green collar.

She has a HomeAgain microchip; the last four characters of the ten-digit sequence are 707C. If scanned, the entire sequence can be checked against Homeagain’s database. 

Call Homeagain’s 24/7 recovery center at 1-888-466-3242 if you have information on this pet’s whereabouts. Or call our office at 757-583-2619.

[Photo removed]

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UPDATE:  One of our clients found this pet and returned her to her family. Good work Mrs. D!    

     A white spayed female Bichon Frise has gone missing from her front yard on Heutte Drive in Norfolk today, around 12:30 this afternoon.

     The dog is microchipped and was last seen wearing a pink collar with rhinestones. She weighs approximately 13 pounds.

     If you have seen a dog matching this description, please call our clinic at 757-583-2619, so that we may assist you in reuniting the pet with her owner.

     The photo below is for illustrative purposes. The missing dog may look very similar to the one in the picture.

     Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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