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“Trouble,” a white and tan Chihuahua, escaped from his yard
on April 5th, in the Norview section of Norfolk.

He is nervous around people, so he may be difficult to catch.

If you see the little guy, please call his family at

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UPDATE: WE are happy to report this pet has been returned to its owner.

(photo removed)

According to the owner, someone entered the home in the Azalea Garden Road / Norview area, on Tuesday, August 23rd and walked out with this Yorkie dog, “Chico.”

The stolen dog, which has been reported to Norfolk Police, is a neutered male (bearing a green neuter tattoo on its abdomen), nearly 4 years old, weighing 6 lbs.

The owner reports that the dog has a “bad haircut” with 4 bald patches on his body.

If you know of someone who has recently acquired a Yorkie dog matching this description, be aware that this person may be in possession of a stolen pet.

The person who took “Chico” was likely watching the house when it happened, as the owner had just taken the dog out for a walk moments before.


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This sweet dog was found this afternoon near

Newport Avenue and W. Little Creek Road in Norfolk.

If you recognize her, please help

reunite her with her family.

Call 757-995-3315.

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UPDATE: This pup has been located and returned to its owners via microchip service.

(Photos removed)

This neutered male Boxer-mix pup has gone missing from his home near the Tidewater Drive/East Little Creek Road area in Norfolk.

[He] is a 5 month-old pup, approximately 21 lbs, with coloring as shown in the photo above. His owner reports that he was recently diagnosed with a skin condition that needs treatment.

[He] is microchipped and the chip manufacturer has been notified that the pup has gone missing. Please note that his registration name is different than his given name.

If you see [him] wandering or you know who has him, please contact the owner at [redacted] or contact the police.

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UPDATE: Duke has been found and returned to his family!

Please keep an eye out for Duke. He may be traveling alone or with a new “owner” who may be caring for him until he can be reunited with his family.  Duke’s family misses him dearly and are offering a reward for his safe return.

(photo removed)

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UPDATE:  One of our clients found this pet and returned her to her family. Good work Mrs. D!    

     A white spayed female Bichon Frise has gone missing from her front yard on Heutte Drive in Norfolk today, around 12:30 this afternoon.

     The dog is microchipped and was last seen wearing a pink collar with rhinestones. She weighs approximately 13 pounds.

     If you have seen a dog matching this description, please call our clinic at 757-583-2619, so that we may assist you in reuniting the pet with her owner.

     The photo below is for illustrative purposes. The missing dog may look very similar to the one in the picture.

     Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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