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     Is it wrong to get excited about gross bugs? Not in this business. In fact, searching out the little nasties is part of our job.

     Recently, a cute little pup was presented to us, after having been rescued from straydom in a southern state. The new owner reported that the puppy’s littermate had been examined by another vet who discovered ticks and lice externally and worms internally. That’s a lot of parasites for one puppy to deal with.

     Our client took her pup to a groomer, who did an excellent job of killing and removing the ticks and lice. Next, we examined the puppy and, as expected, also discovered numerous Roundworm eggs in its stool sample:

Roundworm eggs. Photo by Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.

Magnified view of Roundworm eggs. Photo by Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.

       Also during this visit, we removed from the puppy’s skin what looked like a tiny brown flake. But the microscope told a much different story:

Legless louse! Photo by Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.

     The “flake” turned out to be a dead louse that appears to be missing its legs. Let’s all have a moment of silence for the poor dead louse.


     I don’t know about you, but I feel better. The good news is that lice tend to be host-specific, meaning that dog lice prefer dogs and not humans. Still, how many of you are going to be feeling itchy for the rest of the day after seeing that photo?


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