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     Have you ever wondered where guide dogs and service dogs come from?  The answer is:  homes like yours! 

     Before heading off to their new job of assisting people with disabilities ranging from impaired vision to autism to physical limitations, puppies must be extensively trained and socialized.  People just like you raise these pups with professional guidance from organizations such as Leader Dogs for the Blind and Service Dogs of Virginia.

     Trainers take on this task expecting a bittersweet ending:  saying “good-bye” to the graduate pup, but knowing that it will make a difference in someone’s life.

     If you are interested in raising and training a pup for an assistance organization – even if you already have a pet of your own – check out and  You can learn more about where to acquire a pup, who pays the vet bills, and even fill out an application online.   ~~  Jen

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