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     The one thing I love more than a book is a free book, and the one thing I love more than a free book is a good free book.  Today, I received a good free book in the mail – “Katie’s Crown: Love Lessons learned from a Golden Lab” by Patti Saffioti. 

     “Katie’s Crown” is a fleshed-out journal of the love shared between the Saffioti family and their Golden-Lab mix, Katie.  Katie wasn’t just a pet in the manner of a backyard prop or status symbol.  She was, in the words of Larry Saffioti, “an integral part of our family.”

     At the end of her life, Katie battled a terminal illness, and her family was faced with the reality of having to let her go, peacefully and humanely.  Patti hopes her family’s story will bring comfort to others who are walking the same path.

     Through her journaling, Patti also discovered the many lessons Katie taught her family members about God’s love for us and how He wants us to conduct ourselves in life. 

     I read “Katie’s Crown” soon after it arrived and enjoyed the book.  Katie will remind many people of their own pets – she wasn’t perfect, but she was pretty darn close.  The ending will have you reaching for the Kleenex.  I found Patti’s account of Katie’s passing very touching.  She captured the heartbreaking moments of a pet’s final visit to its doctor, in a way that many pet owners will relate to.

     You can order a copy of “Katie’s Crown” here or by visiting the website Katie’s Crown.  You can also participate on the website’s forum by sharing photos and memories of your own pets.
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