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It’s time for a rebate round-up for the good people of the world.

HeartGard Plus:  Buy two 6-packs (must match) and receive a $5 rebate.  We will fill out the form and send it in, so you don’t have to!
Bonus:  Go here to download a heartworm dose reminder app for your phone.

Iverhart Plus and Iverhart Max:  Go to and click on Submit Your Request to apply for a $3 rebate on every 6-pack you purchase.
Bonus:  Go here to set up a dosing reminder system via e-mail.

Sentinel:  Go to and click on Sentinel Rebate Offer to apply for a rebate online.
Bonus:  Go to and schedule a heartworm dose reminder.
Bonus bonus:   You can order a free Save Pets emergency sticker when you sign up for the dose reminder.

AdvantageBuy 6 tubes (can be mix and match, if you prefer) and receive a FREE grooming glove.

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