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Q:  Why is the blog post missing?

A:  Because our Internet service keeps disconnecting about every 10 seconds, making it extremely difficult to research and prepare a new article for your enjoyment.

Instead, please enjoy this photo of two squirrels toasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Now look at this praying mantis snug in its wintry abode (complete with furniture and fancy chandelier.)
Praying Mantis

And to send you off to bed with nightmare visions in your head, burn this image into your brain:


Chucky’s cousin “Bucky”

Want to see these characters and more, live** and in person?

Then grab the family and head for Hunt Club Farm’s Winter Wonderland in Virginia Beach. The $7 ticket price includes admission to the petting zoo, where you’ll see these guys:
Piggy 1

Piggy 2

That's right - they're ignoring you!

That’s right – they’re ignoring you!

**I’d bet money these things come to life at night. 

Bucky's co-worker "Urkel"

Bucky’s co-worker “Urkel”


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