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     Veterinary Pet Insurance has released a list of its most unusual ingestion claims from 2011. Here are five of the strangest items on the list:

  1. package of fluorescent light bulbs
  2. cholla cactus
  3. deer antlers
  4. tent stake
  5. dead porcupine

     Want to see the other freaky items removed from pets’ innards? The complete list can be found at VPI’s Hambone Awards.

     Granted, most of us don’t have a dead porcupine or a set of deer antlers scattered about the house, where the dog can help itself to a buffet. But we do have plenty of household objects that can be just as dangerous, warns the ASPCA.

     Here are five to watch out for:

  1. batteries
  2. rubber bands
  3. plastic wrap
  4. nylons
  5. cotton swabs

     Visit our clinic and pick up a copy of the ASPCA’s pamphlet “101 Things You Didn’t Know Could Harm Your Pet.” Or I can mail it to you. Just ask!      ~~  Jen

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