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     You may already know that a sudden change in a pet’s diet can lead to vomiting or loose stools. Here is a formula for making a gradual switch, in order to prevent digestive upset in your dog or cat. (This method will require that you have some of the “old” food on hand to mix with the new.)

Days 1 & 2:  Mix 3 parts old food to 1 part new food

Days 3 & 4:  Mix old food half and half with new food

Days 5 & 6:  Mix 1 part old food to 3 parts new food

Day 7:  Feed only the new food.

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     By now, you’ve likely seen the news involving the expanding recalls of pet foods manufactured by Diamond. It’s enough to make people wonder whether other brands of food are affected, as well.

     The makers of Hill’s Science Diet and Prescription Diet foods has addressed pet owner concerns in a letter, published below. We have carried Hill’s Prescription Diet foods for our patients for over twenty years and can report that the company has numerous food safety controls in place. It stands behind its product, so that you can feed your pet without worry.

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     Are you on Facebook?  No?  You’re the lucky one, trust me.  No so-called friends badgering you to water their crops in Farmville or lend them some lumber to build a General Store in Frontierville.  No relatives urging you to join them in that virtual bloodbath known as Mafia Wars. 

     I myself have partaken in such benign and short-lived games as virtual Pillow Fight and…uhhh…that’s all I’ll cop to.  I honestly thought there might be an end to silly Facebook games. 

     I was wrong.

     Enter Hairball Battles.  Seriously.  Simply sign up for the app and you, too, can lob a variety of nasty-looking hairballs (with faces!) at people you call your “friends.”  I can almost guarantee that, if you start this nonsense, your Friends list will quickly dwindle to the people who actually know you and like you.  Statistically speaking, that’s about 5% of the list.  Start hacking.


Guess what, ladies? He's siiiingle!



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