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If you’ve thought about switching your dog’s brand of heartworm preventative to Sentinel, now is the time to act.

Not only will your pet receive 5-in-1 protection against heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and flea infestations, but you’ll be eligible to win a rebate up to $50. And you could score a new Samsung Smart TV!

Stop in, between now and October 11th, to purchase Sentinel for your dog and receive a scratch-off game card. Your game card will reveal rebate offers from $l0 to $50.*

When you redeem your game card, you’ll automatically be entered into the Smart Play Sweepstakes to win a Samsung Smart TV.

This offer is available only through veterinarians, so come see us today!

*Rebate will be sent to you in the form of a Visa prepaid card.

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     Great news for HeartGard Plus users:  Merial has increased the 12-dose rebate to $12

     Now through the end of this year, when you purchase 2* six-packs (12 doses total) of HeartGard Plus, you will receive a $12 rebate check from Merial. 

     The best part?  You don’t have to fill out a form or mail anything in.  As always, we will complete and send the rebate form for you.

     *Offer valid only on matching HeartGard Plus sizes purchased on one receipt (i.e. small + small, medium + medium, or large + large.)

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…is fine for dating, but not for pet medicine.

     Novartis Animal Health has temporarily stopped manufacturing at one of its plants, in order to complete maintenance and updating.  The company has a commitment to delivering superior pet products, which necessitates improving their facilities from time to time – and we like that! 

     The downside, though, is that this means several products, including Sentinel, may be difficult to acquire in the coming weeks.

     We can’t speed up the process, but we will keep our Sentinel patients protected against heartworm disease during the shipping delays.  Questions?  Call 583-2619 and ask for Jen.


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