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Got kids?
Then get a free Halloween trick-or-treat bag
on your visit to Little Creek Veterinary Clinic
during the month of October.

Each bag comes pre-stuffed with a coloring book and crayons.*


Check out some more Halloween fun here and here.

*While supplies last.

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We’ll tell you why on the big day.




For now, here’s a little Halloween jingle:

From pirates to zombies
From witches to ghosts
We like all the costumes
But we love candy THE MOST!


Halloween Haiku to get you in the mood:

Part 1

Part 2

Extra credit reading:  A haunting tale, “Always On the Job,”
by Jennifer Miele.

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Halloween Haiku Part 2

Jack-o-lanterns glow

Witches cackle and cast spells

We shout Trick or Treat


Dogs dressed as devils

Cats wearing pirate costumes

On All Hallow’s Eve


Bats flitting about

Now you see them, now you don’t

Vampires in the air


I pass an old man

Tired from working all day

Trick – boy in disguise


Flashlights pierce the dark

Tiny witch and her papa

Her small hand in his


The door creaks open –

A hand reaches out to me

I take the candy



Leaves crunch under foot-

We grab treats from door to door,

Happy Halloween! 

(Submitted by Alexandra W.)

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Haiku Preview

My early attempts at American-style haiku.

Leaves stir on branches

Then flutter softly to earth;

My heart full once more


Birds gather berries

Ready for the winter snows;

Cold here all too soon


Black cats, mirror cracks

Superstition or warning?

I take no chances


What can you come up with?  Send me your submissions.  Haiku can follow a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, or it can be even shorter.  Try to say a lot with a little.  ~~  Jen

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