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     Are you ready to change your license plate?  You’re in luck!  It’s been said that Virginia drivers sport more vanity plates on their vehicles than drivers in any other state.**   

     And it’s not just a matter of cleverly announcing your favorite sport in plate-speak.  (10S NE1?)  We’ve also been blessed with activists who have engendered specialty plates for everything from trains to Jimmy Buffett to your favorite school

     As a dedicated pet owner, you may be interested in plates that financially benefit animals or just raise awareness to a cause.  Try these on your truck:

Animal Friendly – benefits shelters

Greyhound Adoption

Horse Enthusiast

     **I admit I’ve contributed my fair share to this number over the years.  My vanity plates have included NOTAMAX, HOLODEC (not my idea, I swear), BLU BLUD, and NHL-MLB.  I once had the Animal Friendly plate and have since moved on to Patriot, a scary faceless man in Colonial garb.  I did draw a face on him, but the rain washed it away.  ~~  Jen

P.S.  Bonus points (not good for anything; just a bonus, really) to anyone who can guess the meaning of any three of my four personalized plates.  I am weird, so…good luck.

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