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I’ve been “inspired” by the number of flea cases coming in lately to share new photos of flea dirt.

I found a willing feline participant, gave it a good combing, and came up with the photos you see here.

To review: so-called “flea dirt” is flea feces, which is the blood that used to be inside your cat or dog. [Yuck.] Flea dirt is also food for flea larvae [double yuck], which is why it’s a good idea to clean up flea dirt when you see it. No need to feed the next generation of fleas!

Dry flea dirt and fur. Click to enlarge.

Dry flea dirt and fur.
Click to enlarge.


Flea dirt saturated with liquid. Click to enlarge.

Flea dirt saturated with liquid.
Click to enlarge.


Flea dirt reconstituting into blood. Click to enlarge.

Flea dirt reconstituting into blood.
Click to enlarge.

That last photo demonstrates what you might see when you bathe a pet that has fleas. The water may turn a pink or rust color as the flea dirt liquefies. 

Need help keeping fleas off your pet this autumn? Try Advantage, NexGard, Revolution for cats, or the Seresto collar.

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     Plenty of people are fighting the good fight against fleas, but it is admittedly frustrating.  Here’s why:

1.  Fleas LOVE our hot, humid climate.  They’re having a party and your pet is the buffet.

2.  A single flea (that’s right – it doesn’t have to be married) can lay 1,000 eggs in its lifetime.  1,000 eggs per flea that end up in your yard.  1,000 eggs per flea that end up in your HOUSE.  Yikes.

3.  Larvae cocoons (called pupae) can live from between 1 week and 1 year before hatching out as adults.  That means just when you think you’ve got things under control – BAM – the fleas hatch out and they’re hungry.

4.  Flea eggs do not remain on your pet – they fall to the floor.  Many pet owners treat only their pets thinking that they are killing the flea eggs, too.  In actuality, one must also treat the house with an insecticide rated to kill flea eggs.

5.  Fleas will hitch a ride into the house on you, your pets, your friends, your mother-in-law and even the cable guy (whenever he finally shows up.)  Each new influx of fleas means treatment must continue.

     There are more reasons than those five, but I can see you’re depressed, so I’ll stop now.  Before I go, I’ll add that we carry Fleabusters Powder – an awesomely safe and very effective form of flea control for the house.  It even comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  Fleabusters Powder is non-toxic to pets and people.  Babies can crawl on the carpet after application.  If your baby doesn’t have enough muscle tone to crawl yet, this may not apply.  If you don’t have a baby, I will channel your mother and ask “So whatya waitin’ for?”

     As for the never-ending battle against those tiny vampires (vampires are SO “in” right now), remember:  Treat the pet, the house, and the yard.  Don’t stop.  Don’t give up.  You can do it.  Hire a professional if you need to.

~~ Jennifer (LCVC Manager)

P.S.  That black crumbly stuff on your pets is flea dirt, not eggs.  Flea dirt is dried blood that has passed through the flea.  I think you know what I’m getting at.  Worse than that, flea dirt is FOOD for flea larvae.  Now that’s just gross, but it helps them live.  If you see flea dirt on your pet and in your house, clean it up and get rid of it.  Don’t feed the fleas.

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