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     Are you on Facebook?  No?  You’re the lucky one, trust me.  No so-called friends badgering you to water their crops in Farmville or lend them some lumber to build a General Store in Frontierville.  No relatives urging you to join them in that virtual bloodbath known as Mafia Wars. 

     I myself have partaken in such benign and short-lived games as virtual Pillow Fight and…uhhh…that’s all I’ll cop to.  I honestly thought there might be an end to silly Facebook games. 

     I was wrong.

     Enter Hairball Battles.  Seriously.  Simply sign up for the app and you, too, can lob a variety of nasty-looking hairballs (with faces!) at people you call your “friends.”  I can almost guarantee that, if you start this nonsense, your Friends list will quickly dwindle to the people who actually know you and like you.  Statistically speaking, that’s about 5% of the list.  Start hacking.


Guess what, ladies? He's siiiingle!



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