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Did you know that Norfolk has a Pet Food Pantry and Pet-friendly Emergency Shelter? We’ve written about this before, but it’s worth repeating.

The Pet Pantry is administered by the Norfolk Animal Care Center (aka “animal control.”) Help is temporary and is based on financial need. Click on the Pet Pantry link to learn how to apply for membership.

One important caveat: pets must be spayed or neutered to be eligible for assistance.

If you are not in need of assistance, please consider donating unopened bags and cans of food to the Pet Pantry.

Make sure you have enough to feed them all. The Norfolk Pet Pantry can help.

Make sure you have enough to feed them all.
The Norfolk Pet Pantry can help.

Meanwhile, all this Nor’easter wind, rain, and car-killing flooding has gotten me thinking about the heavy storms of years past. Historically, a number of people who should have evacuated to emergency shelter during hurricanes, didn’t do so because they refused to leave their pets behind.

In response to this concern, Norfolk has opened Bayview Recreation Center to people evacuating with the following types of pets: dog, cat, bird, rabbit, rodent, or turtle; provided the pet can be crated and is not used for commercial purposes. Learn about the shelter’s Rules and Regs here.

Remember: don’t wait until the last minute to take action. Plan ahead and know what you’ll need in the event of an emergency evacuation with your pets.

Saving the Whole Family

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Hurricane Prep would be an awesome name for a school, right? Especially in a coastal town like ours.

But around here, “hurricane prep” means knowing what to do if a major storm hits, bringing with it destructive high-powered winds and flooding.

Pet owners have an extra set of responsibilities during storm prep.

1. If evacuating, determine whether you can safely and reasonably bring pets with you.
If yes – be certain the intended storm shelter, hotel, or other destination will accept pets.
If no – find out which local animal shelters and boarding kennels will accept pets during the storm.

2. Gather all paperwork showing that your pet is up-to-date on its vaccinations, whether your pet stays home or heads for higher ground.
If the vaccines are expired, now is a good time to renew them.

3. Stock up on your pet’s medications. In the case of evacuation, you may need two weeks’ to one month’s worth of medications on hand.

4. Transfer your pet’s food to a sturdy, water-tight container, to prevent spoilage.

5. When buying gallon water jugs for the family, figure in each pet as one more family member and purchase water accordingly.

6. Gather collars or harnesses, tags, leashes or pet carriers for easy access during evacuation.

7. Animals with storm anxiety may need extra care; those that tend to run or hide may be more safely kept in a roomy pet crate during the storm.

8. A permanent microchip ID, such as HomeAgain, is the best bet for reuniting pets and families that may become separated during the storm.

And remember to pick up your copy of “Saving the Whole Family”available at our office for $2. The booklet has tips for owners of dogs, cats, reptiles, horses, and other pets. You’ll also find complete guides to building first-aid kits and evacuation kits. Get yours today!



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