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Need something to break out of the blues of social isolation?

We’ve got a list of heartwarming stories about the healing power of animals.

Woman kissing Yorkshire Terrier

  1. A woman suffering from a winter virus finds the best medicine doesn’t always come from a doctor.
    Read her story here.
  2. Author Karen Kingsbury gives her husband the Christmas gift he didn’t know he needed.
    Watch their story here.
  3. Reader’s Digest collected stories of hero pets that saved their owners’ lives.
    Read about them here.
  4. Time and time again, people have reported being saved by dolphins — some of the most intelligent and fascinating creatures on Earth. Read some of those amazing stories here and here.

Has an animal ever saved your life — literally or metaphorically? Tell us about it in the comments!

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One of my favorite parts of blogging is playing movie reviewer. Today is no exception!

It’s not always easy to find wholesome, family-friendly movies at the theaters, but I’ve got two for you:

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, showing in IMAX 3D at the Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton (well worth driving through the tunnel.) Visit Madagascar without leaving your seat. You’ll learn the most common threat to the lemurs’ habitat and see what people are doing to save them. Prepare to fall in love with Nature’s clowns. After the movie, head to the beach to run and dance like a lemur — you’ll learn how when you see this film!Lemurs


Disneynature’s Bears, showing at local theaters. [Find them on Fandango.] Follow the incredible journey of a mother bear and her two cubs across the Alaskan wilds, fending off dangerous predators and searching for a secluded feeding ground that will guarantee the family’s survival through the approaching winter.

The cubs (Scout and Amber) have their own little “personalities”: whereas Scout prefers to run off and explore (which gets him into some real trouble), Amber sticks close to mama — especially when she discovers that a “bearback” ride is so┬ámuch easier than walking! The cubs run, play, and cuddle. You’ll want to bring one home after the movie – but DON’T! Bears cost a lot to feed and, I am told, they are difficult to housebreak.



On the horizon: Dolphin Tale 2.

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