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01.  Cats have a collarbone; dogs don’t.

02.  The term for extra toes on a cat or dog is “polydactyly.”

03.  Dogs are not colorblind; they can see yellow, blue and gray, but probably not green and red.

04. Cats use the “meow” sound to communicate with people; they rarely use it with other cats.

05.  The fancy term for whiskers is “vibrissae.”

06.  The first dog to travel to outer space was named Laika.  Unfortunately, she did not survive.  She was famously followed by Belka and Strelka and numerous other Russian dogs.

07.  Dogs and cats sweat through their foot pads, but it does very little to cool them.

08.  Your housecat can retract its claws, like most big cats, but a cheetah cannot.

09.  Cats purr when they’re stressed out, as well as when they’re happy.

10.  Dogs are mentioned dozens of times in the Bible; cats are not mentioned at all.

This post was originally published October 21, 2011.

Image courtesy of  The Graphics Fairy.

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