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Q:  What’s brown, green, yellow, and white, and lasts for six months?

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A:  Sentinel Flavor Tabs — the once-a-month heartworm/flea/intestinal worm pill — and it’s back in stock!


Switching back to Sentinel is easy: simply give Sentinel on the date the next heartworm preventative dose is due.

As always, your dog should be tested before beginning any heartworm preventative, if it has been a year or more since the last test or if you have skipped or delayed any doses.


Sentinel - Ask for it by name!

Sentinel – Ask for it by name!

Ready for more good news? You can save $10 on each Sentinel 6-pack with a rebate form available only at our office.*



Be sure to ask for Sentinel heartworm preventative on your next visit to our clinic!

*Purchases from online or catalogue pharmacies do  not qualify for this offer.

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