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Does your pet’s mouth look like this?
If so, she is ready for a teeth cleaning!
(Click photo to enlarge.)

Tartar-encrusted teeth.

Red, sore gums.

Bad breath.

Bacteria galore.

You let your pet kiss you with that mouth?

Okay — we understand: a smooch from our beloved pet is hard to resist.

But when the signs of dental disease start adding up,
it’s time to do some math:
a professional teeth cleaning = healthier mouth and healthier body.

And a veterinary dentist can take Xrays of your pet’s mouth
to check the health of your pet’s tooth roots
and the bone surrounding the roots, also.

Best of all, your pet gets a clean mouth and
fresh breath — the better to kiss you with!

Contact Us to schedule your pet’s
dental exam with Dr. Miele and
learn more about professional
teeth cleaning by a veterinarian.



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