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We will be taking time off to spend with our family during the Christmas and New Year holidays, and we hope you will take a break, too — whatever you may be celebrating! (For some, it’s the latest Star Wars episode.)

Jolly old St. Nick has our list of days off (and half-day off) at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic:


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Wishing you peace, joy, and happiness
this Christmas season and in the New Year!


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We’re getting ready — and so should you!
Check your stock of pet medications and
Contact Us if you need refills before the holiday.

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For a son has been born for us, a son has been given to us,
and dominion has been laid on his shoulders;
and this is the name he has been given,
‘Wonder-Counsellor, Mighty-God, Eternal-Father,
Prince-of-Peace’    Isaiah 9:5


However you celebrate the season. we wish you peace and joy!

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Wondering what to get your favorite pets — or pet owners — this Christmas? I’ve tracked down some neat treats by local crafters, for your consideration. Check out these offerings:

Custom dog collars at Libby Jane Design

Click to enlarge

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JCD Natural Hot and Cold Pad (irenedepot@gmail.com)


Click to enlarge

All Things Cats (allthingscats@yahoo.com)




Seashell ornaments (Available at Tin Soldiers Forgotten Treasures)




Wooden ornaments by Tidewater Treecrafters (Available at Kitsch)



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Only two more days until you find out
whether you made Santa’s naughty list!


(As if you don’t know the answer!)


Remember our holiday closing times:

CLOSED Wednesday, December 24
through Friday, December 26

CLOSED Wednesday afternoon, December 31
through Thursday, January 1

Image courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts

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If you have pet owners on your Christmas list, or you just want to pick up something handy for your own furbabies, you can shop at the vet’s office. 

Take a look at our Christmas gift basket to get a few ideas:


Left to right in the basket:

HyLyt shampooa gentle, hypoallergenic moisturizing shampoo that promotes healthy skin and coat

Pill crushercrush pills into a fine powder and make them more palatable by mixing with food

Seresto collar for dogsup to 8 months of flea and tick control in one collar

Grooming glovesmall plastic studs remove loose fur and dirt while you pet your cat or dog

Free Form Snip TipsOmega 3 fatty acids promote healthier skin and coat, immune system, and joints

Jumbo nail trimmereasy-to-use nail trimmer for dogs and cats

Flea comb — closely-spaced teeth remove fleas and flea dirt, along with loose fur

VetzLife Oral Care gelremoves tartar from teeth and freshens breath; available in mint or salmon flavors


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