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  Squirrel.  Bird.  TV remote control.  Wooden toy train.

     What do those things have in common?  They were eaten by dogs and cats last year. 

     Veterinary Pet Insurance has shared with us a list of the 60 most unusual items ingested by pets, according to VPI claim forms in 2010.  (More after the story below.)

     Imagine you’re searching everywhere for the bikini you bought for your honeymoon to the Bahamas.  You’re getting married and leaving in two days.  There’s no time to buy a new bikini!  Wait – what’s that sound?  Your Labradoodle Fuzzy Bear is getting sick on the couch.  You admit to yourself he’s been a little “off” the past couple of days, but now he can’t seem to stop vomiting.  You rush Fuzzy Bear to the emergency vet where they run some tests and discover the problem:  Fuzzy Bear has eaten your bikini. 

     Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) processes thousands of the above type of claims each year.  And, yes, add “bikini” to the list of items removed from a dog or cat in 2010.  Also making the list:

  • box of pencils
  • 16 steel wool pads
  • razor blades
  • Frisbee
  • eye glasses
  • rosary crucifix
  • 25 to 30 soiled diapers
  • part of a deer antler
  • pin cushion
  • tampon
  • glass Christmas ornament
  • fishhook
  • baseball
  • jellyfish

     VPI reports that its policyholders spent nearly $3 million, collectively, treating foreign body ingestion cases.  And that report comes from a single insurance company, which means the national total is much higher. 

     Take a look around your house – is it pet-proofed?  If you think “Oh, my pet will never eat that,” think again.  The take-away lesson?  The next time you can’t find your glasses or bikini or favorite Christmas ornament, it’s not because you’re losing your mind.  It’s because the dog ate it.  ~~  Jen


Information for this article was gleaned from DVM Newsmagazine, January 2011, p. 45.

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