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Save the date!

On May 8th, Alexandra Whiteside, a local builder and artist — and Dr. Miele’s eldest daughter — will reveal the secrets hidden in the ornate hand-carved woodwork throughout the historic Hermitage Museum. Once the private residence of Florence and William Sloane, the house was designed by the couple to live on as a museum for the benefit of our community.

As a Hermitage docent some years ago, Alexandra took advantage of the opportunity to study the intricate wood carvings up-close. Now, after delving into the museum’s archives — including Mrs. Sloane’s carefully preserved notes, letters, and receipts — Alexandra reveals the secret symbols that are ingrained in the soul of the Hermitage Museum.  

May 8: Ingrained: The Symbolism of Woodwork at the Hermitage

HermitageAlexandra Whiteside, Owner, Chelsea Custom Contracting 
The master woodcarvers who plied their craft at the Hermitage were among the last of their kind. This lecture will explore and rediscover the history and, in some cases, the long-forgotten symbolic meanings behind these ornate carvings.

Suggested donation to the museum is $3.
Details here 

May 8th seems a long way off. Looking for something to do in the meantime?

Lucky you:  The Second Annual World of Pets Expo is right around the corner!


Click to enlarge for details.

Come to the Hampton Roads Convention Center* (Hampton) on Saturday, February 15th or Sunday, February 16th for all kinds of animal fun and learning opportunities. Admission is $9 for adults, $5 for kids 5-12, and free for kids under 5. You can even bring a well-behaved pet on a leash, if you follow the rules.

Visit the World of Pets Expo website to find out when you can see dog agility demonstrations, cat agility demos (yes, really!), rare exotic birds, and adorable fancy mice. You’ll also see the latest pet products, adoptable pets, and dog shows including the famous Dock Dogs and Johnny Peers and the Muttville Comix

For a little extra, treat the kids to a pony ride and petting zoo fun. There’s so much more, we can’t possibly list it all!

*Bonus treat: You can see one of Alexandra Whiteside’s large-scale abstract paintings, titled “Monroe Battery 1,” featured in the HRCC’s Halls of Art!

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   UPDATE:  I attended the opening on Friday and really enjoyed the artwork – there is some great local talent in Virginia – you just have to know where to look.  Bonus for coffee drinkers: there’s always a pot brewing at the PB 4 Gallery and it’s always free.  ~~  Jen

     Join local artists this Friday night at the Pembroke 4 Art Gallery in Virginia Beach as they unveil artworks at the juried exhibition “People and Pets.” 

     The reception, which runs from 7 to 9 PM, is free and open to the public.  Light refreshments will be served. After the artists are introduced and speak briefly about their works, the show’s winners will be announced by the juror. 

     I’ve attended numerous openings at Pembroke 4 and find the artists to be approachable and enthusiastic about discussing their craft. Something else to look forward to – the gallery often hosts a raffle at these gatherings, in which one lucky guest will win a work of art.

     If you can’t make it to the Opening Reception, fear not – the exhibit will remain in place until October 14th this year. The gallery is located in Pembroke Building 4, facing Broad Street, off Virginia Beach Boulevard.  Click on Pembroke 4’s link above to learn more about the gallery.  ~~  Jen

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Detail from Hedgies in the Hedges

Made for each other

     Jimi Whiteside, a local artist and Dr. Miele’s son-in-law, designed and hand-painted this cane for Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia.  The cane, dubbed “Hedgies in the Hedges” for its depiction of playful hedgehogs, won Third Place in the Raising Cane event.

     “Hedgie” is resting at our clinic where you can view it by request.  After its stop here, the cane will go home with Dr. Miele.  Be sure to ask to see it when you visit with us.  ~~  Jen

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Picture Day

     I spent the afternoon browsing artwork in Virginia Beach and wishing I had the $$$ to pick up every piece I liked.  Unfortunately, the pieces I preferred are going for no less than $200 each.  I don’t have that kind of disposable income, although it would be lovely to have a dedicated Artwork Acquisition Fund.  I can think of three pieces I would immediately purchase.

     Luckily, I needn’t stray too far from the office to find something worth admiring.  My sister Alexandra is an avid photographer (as well as a Class A Builder and designer) who uses her natural artistic ability to capture moments in time that might otherwise escape our notice.  Take, for example, Alexandra’s photo of a Fokker DR-7 which she recently spotted at an airshow. 

Fokker DR-7 Photo by Alexandra Whiteside

     Most people who view this photo at first assume it’s a painting.  In fact, this is the work of serious talent behind the lens.  You’ll have to come in one Saturday and ask Alex to explain how she managed to contort herself in such a way as to capture only the Fokker and the sky, with no other planes, people, or objects visible in the background.  It wasn’t easy.

     This photograph is currently on view in our clinic, as it was a birthday gift from Alexandra to our dad (the doctor.)  We plan for it to be the first of a multi-piece exhibit of our photography in the clinic.  I’ll let you know when the full display is available for viewing.

     In the meantime, take a look around when you visit businesses in the area and see if you can spot the work of local artists.  If you like what you see, take a cue and create your own in-home gallery.  We successfully amassed many photos of our patients, which leads me to believe you have plenty of pet pictures at home.  Frame them up and show them off to your friends.  And remember:  art is where you find it and always where you create it.  ~~  Jen

P.S.  Alexandra’s photographs can also be seen at Waterside mall in Norfolk, Major Hillard Library in Chesapeake, and the Education Wing of the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

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Collection of postcards featuring works by Eileen Stouter

     If you’ve been in our office within the past year, you’ve likely noticed the beautiful watercolor paintings which hang in our waiting room.  The paintings are the creation of our client Eileen Stouter, featuring her beloved cats Buff, Goldie, and Marco.  I have purchased several of her works, and Mrs. Stouter graciously gifted our clinic with three of the watercolors.

     Mrs. Stouter’s paintings have run the gamut from pets to still-lifes, garden settings to seashores and beyond.  Her attention to detail conveys realism, while her delicate touch with a paintbrush adds an ethereal quality.

     Mrs. Stouter’s works have been featured at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, The Gallery at East Beach, and the Chesapeake Bay Art Association Outdoor Art Show.  Now you can see her latest works of art at the Pembroke 4 Art Gallery.

     The Pembroke 4 Art Gallery is hosting an opening reception this Friday, July 23 from 7 to 9 PM.  The paintings will then remain on display during normal business hours through October 16th.  The Pembroke 4 Art Gallery is located at 291 Independence Blvd. in Virginia Beach.  Look for the gallery on the ground floor.

     I encourage you to take the opportunity to view Mrs. Stouter’s artwork on display.  You may discover a favorite new artist.  ~~ Jen

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