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Dr. Miele’s daughter, Alexandra Whiteside, is the sole artist exhibiting on the East Wall Gallery at Bishopsgate Design in Virginia Beach. All are welcome to the Opening Reception on Friday, June 12th from 6-9 PM.

Alex art

You are invited to the Opening Night reception for Alexandra Whiteside’s solo show at Bishopsgate Design in Virginia Beach.

3259 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach 23452
Alexandra “Alex” Whiteside
Alex has been professionally involved in the visual arts for over 30 years. Her formal education includes photography, dramatic arts, fine art and interior design. Alex is currently a part-time instructor in the Interior Design Program at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach where she teaches architectural drafting, working drawings, and detailing. Alex and her husband James also recently contracted with Creative Music studios in Chesapeake, Virginia, to offer youth and adult art workshops in drawing, painting and photography.
In 2013, after a long career of painting commissioned pieces for private clients through her interior design firm, Alex began to exhibit in public venues in Hampton Roads. Recent shows include Halls of Art XII at the Hampton Roads Convention Center, the 2013 and 2015 Artists Block Party at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Celebration of the Arts Gallery at First Baptist Church of Hampton. One of Alex’s abstract landscape paintings was part of the  silent auction fundraiser at the West Mercury Center for the Arts in May 2015.  In April 2015, Alex was invited to co-judge the visual arts category of the NAACP-sponsored Virginia Peninsula ACT-SO local competition, which determines who qualifies for National competition.
Alex specializes in non-representational abstracts, working in both oils and acrylics. Her paintings are typically large scale and convey color, mood, and movement while stripped bare of recognizable symbols, providing a unique experience and “story” for each viewer.

Looking to explore your own artistic talent?
Alexandra can help you with that!

Art lessons



Call Creative Music……………757-236-2609

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Show off your art…show off your cat…or just enjoy the show!

Click to enlarge.

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As promised, we have swapped the artwork in our waiting room.

Alexandra Whiteside, eldest daughter of Dr. Miele, has changed out her photographs for a large-scale (3 ft x 3 ft) abstract painting.

“Fountain” is for sale by the artist; price available upon request.

The only question is, which way does it hang?
For the correct answer, visit our clinic to view “Fountain” for yourself!


Fountain 1


C.Fountain 3

D.Fountain 4

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We will soon be trading out Alexandra Whiteside’s photos on our waiting room “art wall” for an original painting by Alexandra.


All but one of the photos are for sale by the artist. (The Fokker DR-7 photo is privately owned by Dr. Miele and is not for sale.)
Please contact us if you have an interest in purchasing an item and we will put you in touch with Alexandra.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak at “Fountain,” the new piece we will be exhibiting. “Fountain” was a work in progress when this photo was taken.

A portion of "Fountain," an original painting by Alexandra Whiteside.

A portion of “Fountain,” an original painting by Alexandra Whiteside.

Alexandra is Dr. Miele’s eldest daughter. She has exhibited her photography at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Norfolk Botanical Garden, Waterside Festival Marketplace, and Major Hillard Library in Chesapeake. She has most recently exhibited her paintings at the Hampton Roads Convention Center’s Halls of Art and at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, where she is also an adjunct professor.


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P1080017 (3) (360x360)

When the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art called for artists to submit work for their Block Party exhibit, three of Dr. Miele’s family members answered the call. His daughters Alexandra Whiteside and Jennifer Miele, and son-in-law James (Jimi) Whiteside, each submitted a piece relating to Hampton Roads, as they see it.

Block Party opens on Thursday, September 12th with a reception from 6-8 PM. Look for “Sunday Stroll in Williamsburg” by Alexandra, “It’s a Jimmy” by Jimi, and “Fort Monroe/Child’s Play” by Jennifer.

While Jimi and Jennifer have not publicly exhibited artwork in the past, Jimi’s surrealist works are held in private collections, and he is known in Japan for his work on the Dragon Ball Z figurines.

Alexandra has exhibited her photography at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, Waterside Festival Marketplace, and the Major Hillard Library in Chesapeake. Currently, seven of Alexandra’s photographs are on view in our clinic waiting area.

Join us this Thursday* at MOCA in Virginia Beach to view our version of Hampton Roads — we’d love to see you there!

*Can’t make it Thursday? Don’t worry — the show lasts through December 29th.

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   UPDATE:  I attended the opening on Friday and really enjoyed the artwork – there is some great local talent in Virginia – you just have to know where to look.  Bonus for coffee drinkers: there’s always a pot brewing at the PB 4 Gallery and it’s always free.  ~~  Jen

     Join local artists this Friday night at the Pembroke 4 Art Gallery in Virginia Beach as they unveil artworks at the juried exhibition “People and Pets.” 

     The reception, which runs from 7 to 9 PM, is free and open to the public.  Light refreshments will be served. After the artists are introduced and speak briefly about their works, the show’s winners will be announced by the juror. 

     I’ve attended numerous openings at Pembroke 4 and find the artists to be approachable and enthusiastic about discussing their craft. Something else to look forward to – the gallery often hosts a raffle at these gatherings, in which one lucky guest will win a work of art.

     If you can’t make it to the Opening Reception, fear not – the exhibit will remain in place until October 14th this year. The gallery is located in Pembroke Building 4, facing Broad Street, off Virginia Beach Boulevard.  Click on Pembroke 4’s link above to learn more about the gallery.  ~~  Jen

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Picture Day

     I spent the afternoon browsing artwork in Virginia Beach and wishing I had the $$$ to pick up every piece I liked.  Unfortunately, the pieces I preferred are going for no less than $200 each.  I don’t have that kind of disposable income, although it would be lovely to have a dedicated Artwork Acquisition Fund.  I can think of three pieces I would immediately purchase.

     Luckily, I needn’t stray too far from the office to find something worth admiring.  My sister Alexandra is an avid photographer (as well as a Class A Builder and designer) who uses her natural artistic ability to capture moments in time that might otherwise escape our notice.  Take, for example, Alexandra’s photo of a Fokker DR-7 which she recently spotted at an airshow. 

Fokker DR-7 Photo by Alexandra Whiteside

     Most people who view this photo at first assume it’s a painting.  In fact, this is the work of serious talent behind the lens.  You’ll have to come in one Saturday and ask Alex to explain how she managed to contort herself in such a way as to capture only the Fokker and the sky, with no other planes, people, or objects visible in the background.  It wasn’t easy.

     This photograph is currently on view in our clinic, as it was a birthday gift from Alexandra to our dad (the doctor.)  We plan for it to be the first of a multi-piece exhibit of our photography in the clinic.  I’ll let you know when the full display is available for viewing.

     In the meantime, take a look around when you visit businesses in the area and see if you can spot the work of local artists.  If you like what you see, take a cue and create your own in-home gallery.  We successfully amassed many photos of our patients, which leads me to believe you have plenty of pet pictures at home.  Frame them up and show them off to your friends.  And remember:  art is where you find it and always where you create it.  ~~  Jen

P.S.  Alexandra’s photographs can also be seen at Waterside mall in Norfolk, Major Hillard Library in Chesapeake, and the Education Wing of the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

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