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The popular “Free tube with a purchased 4-pack” Advantage II deal is ending this Saturday, September 29th.

Advantage II does not have an expiration date, so you can purchase the product now and use it next Spring – although we aren’t out of the flea season yet.

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Get your free cat treats on your next visit to our clinic!

      Once again, we are inundated with free samples of cat treats* – this time it’s the delicious Goodlife Recipe Wholesome Delights that’s driving cats wild.  Be sure to pick up your FREE sample pack of The Goodlife Recipe on your next visit to our clinic.  Go here to find coupons for The Goodlife Recipe food and treats.
*Treats are for cats only; dog treat samples are not available at this time.

      Ready to stock up on flea control?  Now is the perfect time to purchase Advantage:  with every four-pack, you get a matching fifth tube FREE.  And we have more Advantage II in stock, to provide better protection against all life stages of fleas.

     Need tick protection, too?  Add Kiltix to your order and apply it when your pet needs it.

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     I just read this article from Veterinary Economics February 2011 edition and thought I’d share it with you:

     “Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England revealed the mechanics of a flea’s jump—which can catapult the critter 50 to 100 times its body length. Fleas jump because of an elastic pad made of a protein called resilin. When tensed like a spring, fleas release the pad to catapult themselves into the air. However, researchers wanted to know how fleas achieve liftoff and transfer the force from the spring mechanism to the ground. Cambridge researchers discovered the answer by using high-speed cameras, computer modeling, and 10 donated hedgehog fleas.

      “Using the cameras, researchers filmed the fleas jumping 51 times in a row. During 45 of those jumps, the fleas’ feet and knees were on the ground when the flea pushed off. However, in the remaining six jumps, the knees were both clear of the ground at that time, indicating they didn’t transfer the force of the jump to the ground. In all of the jumps the feet touched the ground, supporting a lower-leg push-off theory.”

     Wow – who knew fleas could be so fascinating?  Too bad they can’t stick around.

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     The makers of Advantage Flea Control have begun to release the second generation of Advantage – now containing an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to kill all flea life stages, not just adult fleas.

     As clinics and hospitals sell out of their stock of original Advantage, Bayer will replace it with the new Advantage II.  Our clinic has in stock Canine Advantage II for dogs 11-20 pounds in size.

     At this time, product prices are not expected to change.  Advantage II is included in the current “Buy a 4-pack/Get 1 tube free” special offer. 

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     Our clinic is offering a Buy a 4-pack/Get 1 tube free* program for Canine and Feline Advantage.

     There is still time to receive a free grooming glove with a purchase of any six tubes (purchase quantity does not include the free tube from the Buy 4/Get 1 Free special.)

*Free tube must match purchased product.

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It’s time for a rebate round-up for the good people of the world.

HeartGard Plus:  Buy two 6-packs (must match) and receive a $5 rebate.  We will fill out the form and send it in, so you don’t have to!
Bonus:  Go here to download a heartworm dose reminder app for your phone.

Iverhart Plus and Iverhart Max:  Go to and click on Submit Your Request to apply for a $3 rebate on every 6-pack you purchase.
Bonus:  Go here to set up a dosing reminder system via e-mail.

Sentinel:  Go to and click on Sentinel Rebate Offer to apply for a rebate online.
Bonus:  Go to and schedule a heartworm dose reminder.
Bonus bonus:   You can order a free Save Pets emergency sticker when you sign up for the dose reminder.

AdvantageBuy 6 tubes (can be mix and match, if you prefer) and receive a FREE grooming glove.

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Free glove with purchase of 6 or more tubes of Advantage.

     Bayer, the maker of Advantage Flea Control, has sent us a supply of grooming gloves to be given away with purchases of 6 or more doses of Advantage.* 

     I decided to try the glove before foisting it on an unsuspecting public and here is what I found:  The glove removes dirt and loose fur from pets, as it is intended to do, but my favorite use is removing fur from upholstery with the glove.  Granted, that gets a little messy when the fur starts flying, but it is fun and effective.

     The Grooming Glove is especially useful if your pet is fussy and does not like to be combed or brushed, but does enjoy being petted.  This is what we in the business call Stealth Grooming.

     Remember to ask for your glove the next time you purchase 6 or more doses of Advantage.  Limited quantity; offer is good while supplies last; one free glove per household

     *Qualifying purchase quantity must be made on a single visit; cumulative purchases do not qualify for the free glove offer.

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