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Bayer Animal Health, the makers of Advantage II and Canine Advantix flea control products have amassed many years of research, trial and error, to develop the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Flea Control (as I call it.)

They are:

1. Treat all cats and dogs in the home.
Why? Because cats and dogs can get fleas from each other or from an infested environment.

2. Apply Advantage II or Advantix once a month, every month, all year-round.
Why? Because flea infestation can be a year-round problem —  especially in a region such as ours, which does not experience a deep freeze in the winter.

3. Choose the correct product for your cat or dog.
Why? Because products for different species and weight bands deliver different volumes of the flea treatment.

4. Use one tube per cat or dog; be sure to apply the tube’s entire contents.
Why? Because each tube is designed to be one full application for one animal only.

View application videos for cats and dogs.

5. See package insert for complete product and application instructions; read instructions carefully to be sure you apply the product correctly.*
Why? Because different products have different application sites; in order to aid distribution, the product must be applied directly to the skin on the correct application site.

Bayer recommends a soap-free shampoo like HyLyt.

6. Keep pets separated immediately after application.
Why? Because pets could groom the product off each other if they’re not separated.

7. Continue to use the product on a monthly schedule.
Why? Because treating monthly, all year-round helps prevent flea reinfestation.

Sign up for monthly dosing reminders at

*Your best source of information for proper flea control application is your veterinarian and staff. You won’t get extra tips and information (which is not always listed on product inserts) when you buy flea control at the store or online. On your next visit to our clinic, ask us what else you need to know about proper flea product use.

A tear-sheet listing Bayer’s 7 Tips for flea control is available at our office.

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Just in time for flea season, Bayer has announced its “Buy a 4-Pack, Get a Free Tube”* special offer on Advantage. We have the coupons at our office – so no need for you to go searching for them online or anywhere else.

*Free product must match purchased product type.

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     I just read this article from Veterinary Economics February 2011 edition and thought I’d share it with you:

     “Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England revealed the mechanics of a flea’s jump—which can catapult the critter 50 to 100 times its body length. Fleas jump because of an elastic pad made of a protein called resilin. When tensed like a spring, fleas release the pad to catapult themselves into the air. However, researchers wanted to know how fleas achieve liftoff and transfer the force from the spring mechanism to the ground. Cambridge researchers discovered the answer by using high-speed cameras, computer modeling, and 10 donated hedgehog fleas.

      “Using the cameras, researchers filmed the fleas jumping 51 times in a row. During 45 of those jumps, the fleas’ feet and knees were on the ground when the flea pushed off. However, in the remaining six jumps, the knees were both clear of the ground at that time, indicating they didn’t transfer the force of the jump to the ground. In all of the jumps the feet touched the ground, supporting a lower-leg push-off theory.”

     Wow – who knew fleas could be so fascinating?  Too bad they can’t stick around.

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     The makers of Advantage Flea Control have begun to release the second generation of Advantage – now containing an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to kill all flea life stages, not just adult fleas.

     As clinics and hospitals sell out of their stock of original Advantage, Bayer will replace it with the new Advantage II.  Our clinic has in stock Canine Advantage II for dogs 11-20 pounds in size.

     At this time, product prices are not expected to change.  Advantage II is included in the current “Buy a 4-pack/Get 1 tube free” special offer. 

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