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Little Creek Veterinary Clinic will be closed on Friday, September 6th, due to expected hurricane conditions.

As soon as we are able to safely return to the office, we will inspect the building and contents, and determine when to re-open. Much of the decision is dependent, also, on whether or not there is a power outage in our area. 

At this time, it is unknown if we will be open Saturday, Sept. 7th or closed for the weekend.

We will update our website and Facebook page as more information becomes available.

Clients with appointments scheduled for Saturday will be notified of our status, directly, when possible.

Emergencies, call 757-499-5463.

Stay safe!

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Storm sign

At Little Creek Veterinary Clinic, we are optimistically scheduling patient appointments for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week (Sept. 5-7).

However, if Hurricane Dorian arrives on our shores, we will close for safety’s sake, until the storm has passed and we have determined the building and its contents are ready for action.

We will make every effort to reschedule our Thursday, Friday, and Saturday patients, if our clinic must close due to the storm.

Please be aware that some vaccines and medications may be in short supply, due to shipping restrictions and business closings during rough weather. We will notify you if your pet’s appointment will be affected by shortages.

Read our post with links on Disaster Planning here.

Read our posts with links on storm stress in pets here and here.


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List of days open and closed

BluePearl Veterinary Emergency Care will remain open through the holiday.

Call 757-499-5463.

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UPDATE: 8/20   We are back to regular hours for the week —

give us a call: 757-583-2619.


Due to a family emergency, our clinic has had to close early today.

We will keep you updated on any changes to Tuesday’s schedule.

If your pet needs immediate care, please call 757-499-5463.

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Holiday schedule

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Little Creek Veterinary Clinic is closed
from noon on Friday, April 19th
through Sunday, April 21st.

We will return to the office
on Monday, April 22nd.

Emergencies can be handled
by BluePearl in Virginia Beach,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call BluePearl at 757-499-5463.


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It’s that time of year! Please be sure you have enough prescription foods and medications on hand to last your pets through the holidays.

Otherwise, Contact Us now to place a refill order. Some medications and food may not be available without adequate notice, so call now.

For the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s, Little Creek Veterinary Clinic will be open regular business hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


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