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Spring Break is over — we’re back up and running, like the dog in this picture.

Contact Us to schedule your pet’s appointment today!

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Hello! If you’re familiar with my normal posting schedule, you know that I normally post to Facebook on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and save Tuesday & Thursday for blog posts. Today, I’m switching it up a bit, because, despite being a megacompany worth over $200 billion, Facebook is a mis-managed disaster today. I say that because I’ve spent the past hour attempting to post two items to our business page, and Facebook’s “Publish” button refuses to cooperate!


So I now present the Monday “Facebook” posts:

It’s a tie for Sweethearts of the Day:
best buddies Bella and Bentley E.
Lookin’ good, too!


It’s tough to spot the signs of heartworm disease!
Left untreated, heartworm disease
is dangerous for a pet!
Let’s do a simple heartworm test
during your pet’s yearly checkup.
Schedule your pet’s annual exam today
to keep them healthy!
Call us at 757-583-2619.


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Little Creek Veterinary Clinic has survived the first local blizzard of 2017, which dumped over 11 inches of powdery snow into our parking lot.


Snow at the bottom of our porch steps was piled nearly a foot deep.

(It’s not just hurricanes and tropical storms —
other weather events get names, too.
Learn about winter storm names here.)

We dug out from under much of the snow, and let the sun do the rest of the work of clearing our lot. Meanwhile, Dr. Miele was snowbound at home, so the clinic remained closed until today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are back up and running and more warm days are ahead, so if your pet is due for its annual vaccination boosters, this is the perfect time to Contact Us about scheduling an appointment.

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The New Year is the traditional time for making resolutions, and dieting is among the top ten resolutions made and broken, according to sources.

At Little Creek Veterinary Clinic, we’re going to give dieting a try — a sort of Social Media diet.

While we will still strive to post a blog entry twice a week, we will now limit the entries to original content. Some weeks, we may publish only one post, but don’t worry — even if the blog seems quiet, we’re still here!

We encourage you to use the Search feature on our blog to discover earlier posts on topics of interest to you. If you do not find an entry for your chosen subject, Contact Us to suggest a post on the topic. This will allow us to publish articles that are timely and relevant to you and your pet.

In this age of information overload, we’d like to dial back the noise. We’ll try to keep our Facebook page a little more fun and our blog a little more serious. You choose which one (or both) works best for you! In the meantime, we’ll scale back on our postings and keep the content fresh.

Happy Dieting!

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Wishing you peace, joy, and happiness
this Christmas season and in the New Year!


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