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Our blog is on vacation until the New Year arrives.

Dr. Miele will see patients on Dec. 31, until we close at noon.

Our clinic will then re-open on Friday, January 2nd, for regular office hours.

Pet emergencies are handled by BluePearl, tel. 499-5463.


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Merry Christmas to all!


Behold, the virgin shall be with child
and bear a son,
and they shall name him Emmanuel,”
which means “God is with us.”  

–Matthew 1:23


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Only two more days until you find out
whether you made Santa’s naughty list!


(As if you don’t know the answer!)


Remember our holiday closing times:

CLOSED Wednesday, December 24
through Friday, December 26

CLOSED Wednesday afternoon, December 31
through Thursday, January 1

Image courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts

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If you have pet owners on your Christmas list, or you just want to pick up something handy for your own furbabies, you can shop at the vet’s office. 

Take a look at our Christmas gift basket to get a few ideas:


Left to right in the basket:

HyLyt shampooa gentle, hypoallergenic moisturizing shampoo that promotes healthy skin and coat

Pill crushercrush pills into a fine powder and make them more palatable by mixing with food

Seresto collar for dogsup to 8 months of flea and tick control in one collar

Grooming glovesmall plastic studs remove loose fur and dirt while you pet your cat or dog

Free Form Snip TipsOmega 3 fatty acids promote healthier skin and coat, immune system, and joints

Jumbo nail trimmereasy-to-use nail trimmer for dogs and cats

Flea comb — closely-spaced teeth remove fleas and flea dirt, along with loose fur

VetzLife Oral Care gelremoves tartar from teeth and freshens breath; available in mint or salmon flavors


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Christmas Wishes


Please make a note of the following dates:

CLOSED Wednesday, December 24 through Friday, December 26

CLOSED Wednesday afternoon, December 31 through Thursday, January 1

Pet emergencies over the holidays can be handled by BluePearl
at 364 S. Independence Blvd. in Virginia Beach, (757) 499-5463.

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Your pet’s yearly checkup is vital to their health. Make that appointment today!

As your pet ages, you may start to notice mysterious new bumps on its body. Or lumps. Missing fur. A black spot. A funny-looking toenail. Even young pets can develop such external oddities. Are these things nothing, or something of concern?

For even the most observant owners, it’s tough to know what skin issues are ok and what needs further evaluation. Yes, your pet may have skin disease and you may not even realize it. For example, your pet’s missing fur may be a bald spot from a tumble or a fungus

And if your pet has a little bump, it may be cancer. If it’s left unchecked, the bump may become larger and harder to remove, which may put your pet’s health at risk. But if we take a look early enough, we may be able to keep a little problem now from becoming a big problem in the future.

And finally, that black “spot” you thought was a freckle on your pet, may be a tick! If our team removes it within a certain amount of time, your pet will likely not be infected by a tick-borne disease

Skin is the largest organ of your pet’s body, and there’s a lot to examine. When you bring your pet in for its yearly checkup, we’ll assess every part of it, from nose to tail! We’ll look for spots, rashes, warts, skin tags and everything in between to make sure your pet stays healthy.

It’s time to schedule your pet’s yearly checkup. We’ll perform a thorough skin check and a few other easy tests if needed to keep your pet healthy and happy. Make an appointment today!

Photo by Jennifer Miele at Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.

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No animal news to report today; instead, we’re bringing you a bit of Christmas cheer from Colonial Williamsburg. Members of the Green Spring Garden Club spruced up the historic district last weekend. Here are the fruits of their labors (pun intended!)








All photos by Jennifer Miele.

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