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The Three Keys to Fighting Fleas are:

1. Treat the pet.

2. Treat the house.

3. Treat the yard.

We’ve got Key #1 locked down with both Advantage and Revolution.

Now on to Key #2.

Here’s why we’ve been using and recommending Fleabusters Powder for over 15 years: 

Fleabusters Powder (also known as Rx for Fleas Plus) is…

*Formulated to kill fleas in your carpet and upholstered furniture physically, rather than chemically, so fleas won’t become immune to its effects. 

*Safe for people and pets (it has a neutral pH of 7.0), so there’s no need to leave home during or after application.

*Safe on all carpets and fabrics.

*Perfect for baseboard areas of non-carpeted rooms.


*Designed to keep killing fleas for a full year – with a guarantee to back it up.

*Packaged in a 3 pound canister – enough to treat five average-size rooms.

*Sold through Little Creek Veterinary Clinic. Get yours today!

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Get a jump on the long weekend ahead – start planning how you’ll be spending your days off. I’ve got some ideas to get you started:

1. Check out the All-breeds Dog Show at the Hampton Roads Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday.

2.  Marvel at the “stomping, roaring” Dinosaurs! at the Virginia Living Museum beginning this Saturday.

3.  Speaking of “Marvel,” have you seen Marvel’s The Avengers, yet? No? You may be the only person on Earth who hasn’t. This weekend, while temperatures are soaring, claim a seat in a local air-conditioned theater and settle in for a couple of hours.
Also worth watching: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Men in Black III, and The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

4.  Get in on the inaugural year of Busch Garden’s Verbolten multi-launch rollercoaster. The Big Bad Wolf has been vanquished and Verbolten has risen in its place, racing through the Black Forest, then plunging 88 feet toward the Rhine River. Sounds relaxing!

5.  Stake out your spot for a good old-fashioned Memorial Day Parade in Yorktown. Get there early and you can march along with the Fifes and Drums of Yorktown

6.  Sway to the sounds of Big Bands on the Bay, a perennial Norfolk favorite, this Sunday at 7 PM, at Ocean View Beach Park.

7.  Grab some friends and cruise the Elizabeth River on the American Rover tall sailing ship this weekend and Memorial Day.

8.  Looking for indoor fun? Try your hand at bowling at AMF Norfolk Lanes, right across the street from our clinic. They’ve got snacks, video games, and – oh yeah – bowling! Great for the kids, too.

9.  Scare the pants off jet skiers from your seat on the Rudee Rocket Boat, launching its 2012 season on Memorial Day.

10.  If all else, fails, hit the Memorial Day sales. (No need for a link – they’re everywhere!)

P.S. Look here and here for past holiday recommendations.

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UPDATE: Penny’s owners are happy to report that she has been found.

Please keep an eye out for this chocolate-brown and white Chihuahua that went missing from its home in the Lafayette-Winona area around midnight last night. 

Penny is female, weighs 15 lbs, and was last seen wearing a green collar.

She has a HomeAgain microchip; the last four characters of the ten-digit sequence are 707C. If scanned, the entire sequence can be checked against Homeagain’s database. 

Call Homeagain’s 24/7 recovery center at 1-888-466-3242 if you have information on this pet’s whereabouts. Or call our office at 757-583-2619.

[Photo removed]

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…is contained in one site: Pets & Parasites, brought to you by the Companion Animal Parasite Council.

Thunderstorms. Loneliness. Bathtime.

Our pets have enough things to worry about — so let’s cross worms, fleas, ticks, and mites off their list.

*Learn about the internal and external parasites most commonly found in dogs and cats and how to prevent them.

*Protect your human family members from parasites.

*See why experts predict a high risk of heartworm disease for pets living in Virginia.

Click to enlarge

*View the Parasite Prevalence Map to see which Virginia counties have a history of tick-borne diseases.

When you’ve finished honing your knowledge of parasite risks and prevention, Contact Us to make sure your pet is protected!

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Hundreds of beloved dogs and cats go missing every day – but you can help bring lost pets home

It’s easy to join the HomeAgain PetRescuers team. Go to and sign up to receive e-mail alerts on lost pets in your area.

Or choose from the iPhone or Android app and receive notifications about missing pets along with maps, pet descriptions and photos (when available). 

Whether you choose e-mail or an app, you’ll get the information you need to reunite a lost dog or cat with its family.

And before you start, be sure to get your Pet Detective Training, and learn from an expert – Kathy Albrecht, Pet Detective.

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     It’s 5 o’clock – do you know where your pets are?

     Last night, I attended a class given by a Norfolk Animal Control officer and learned or re-learned a few items of interest to pet owners in Norfolk.

     Did you know…

*A dog or cat running loose is considered “at large.” More importantly, if that pet runs into the street and is hit by a car, the pet owner has no recourse of action against the driver, because drivers are not required to stop for animals at large. Scary! It sounds harsh, but that is the law – so be sure your pets can’t get loose and run into the street.

*If a dog spends the majority of its time outdoors, it must have a dog house with a door flap. The door flap must be in place from November through April. Also, the dog house should be raised 2 inches above the ground. (Read code 6.1-2 for the full explanation of adequate shelter.)

*City code 6.1-5 appears to allow pets to be buried on private property: “The owner or custodian of any animal which has died from disease or other cause and is not the subject of a rabies exposure as defined in article III shall forthwith bury with at least twelve (12) inches of fill dirt flush with the ground surface, or sanitarily cause disposal of the same in accordance with guidelines set by the superintendent of waste management.”

*Pet owners are permitted up to four adult dogs and four adult cats in a single household. The catch – pets are considered “adults” under the law at 4 months of age.

     You can read the current Norfolk city codes for animal welfare here. Keep in mind that the Commonwealth of Virginia has its own guidelines and codes, which Norfolk animal control officers will also use to protect animals and people in the city.

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