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     To date, HomeAgain has reunited 1,012,082 lost pets with their families –  and the pets all have one thing in common: a permanent microchip ID. 

An implantable chip, 1/2 inch in length, can be the key to your pet's safe return. Microchip photo by Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.

     When your pet is ‘chipped at our clinic, we will register it for you on HomeAgain’s national database.

     Even better, we use an online program, so your pet’s information is in the database within minutes of entry. That’s real peace of mind if your pet likes to wander.

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Disney's Chimpanzee

Can you resist that face?

If you can’t get enough of the apes and monkeys at the Virginia Zoo, you’re in for a treat:  Disney Nature’s newest film, “Chimpanzee,” chronicling the life of Oscar the chimp, is playing in theaters locally.

Life isn’t all bananas and cherries for Oscar and his family, however: a rival troop of chimps threatens their peaceful life in the Tai Forest. What will become of Oscar? You’ll have to see it to find out!

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Dr. Miele will be out of the office at the following times:

Friday, April 27th, after noon


Wednesday, May 2nd, all day.

The clinic will be open for retail sales and patient information on those dates.

However, we are unable to authorize or fill prescription medications
in the doctor’s absence.

In an emergency, please call 757-499-5463.

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If your pet ends up at a shelter, it may be difficult to distinguish it from other similar-looking pets.

Tuxedo cat 1.

Tuxedo cat 2.

Or it could be just this easy.

The key to your pet's return. Photo by Little Creek Veterinary Clinic.

HomeAgain Microchips offer instant, reliable identification
at the push of a button.

HomeAgain's universal scanner reads chips by any manufacturer, so all pets can make it safely home.

Your pet can’t call home when it’s lost –
so let someone else make the call for her.


Ask us to “chip” your pet on her next visit.  Visit HomeAgain to learn more.

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From my Inbox to yours: 

Party for the Planet this weekend at the Zoo! 
Saturday, April 21, 10am – 3pm
A celebration of Earth and animals that will bring out your wild side, and provide information about conservation steps you can take to protect natural habitats locally and around the world.
Activities and exhibits include informational presentations, animal enrichment activities and crafts at the event pavilion; and Team Green music, games and prizes with Radio Disney!
It’s an Earth Day celebration unlike any other – for wild creatures and the wild places where they live.
All activities are included with regular admission.
Visit the Virginia Zoo’s blog for more information on this event, including admission prices.

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     Spring Garden Safety for Pets

     Click the link above to learn how to protect your pets outdoors this Spring.

     Create a garden that’s both beautiful and safe for your pets. Learn how with these tips from Veterinary Pet Insurance.

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     “Cat,” a 7-year-old spayed and declawed female cat, is looking for a new home because her loving owner is moving and can’t take her with him. Mr. D. hopes to have her placed with a new family within the next two weeks.

     “Cat” is a sweet girl and typically requires a minimum of human interaction – she’s pretty independent, from what we hear. She is a shorthaired black, white and grey kitty who has been kept up-to-date on her yearly check-ups and vaccinations. “Cat” has a nose for trouble if allowed outdoors, so we recommend keeping her inside.

     If you are interested in adopting “Cat,” or you know someone who would be, please call us at 583-2619 or contact us here. Serious inquiries only.

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