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Dr. Miele will be out of the office on

Wednesday, May 4th.

Please note:

We are unable to prescribe or dispense medications

or provide medical services in the doctor’s absence.

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     In this installment of the Under the ‘Scope series, we will examine a common pseudoparasite found on fecal exams.

What in the world???

     What is a pseudoparasite?  Simply put, it’s somethin’ that looks like somethin’, but it’s nothin’.  Why is that important? you may be asking.  Good question!  Excellent question!  You’re going straight to the top, young lady (or man.)

     One must always be able to distinguish between actual parasites and those items that only appear troublesome. The pseudo (or “false”) parasites need not be treated with medication of any kind. We believe it is equally important to know when not to medicate, so your pet’s body is not absorbing a drug it doesn’t need.

What ARE these things? Click to enlarge.

     So what are these creepy little things that look like bug eyes?  They’re pollen spores.  Here’s another type of spore:

Pollen spore

     In large groups, these spores will turn your white car yellow.  Heck, they’ll turn your black car yellow and do the same thing to your dog. 

     If your pet has a pollen allergy, we recommend wiping its coat with a damp cloth after it has been outdoors.  Even non-allergic pets can get a bellyache if they swallow a large amount of pollen while self-grooming.  So, just to be safe, wipe them down, too.  ~~  Jen

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     I just read this article from Veterinary Economics February 2011 edition and thought I’d share it with you:

     “Researchers at the University of Cambridge in England revealed the mechanics of a flea’s jump—which can catapult the critter 50 to 100 times its body length. Fleas jump because of an elastic pad made of a protein called resilin. When tensed like a spring, fleas release the pad to catapult themselves into the air. However, researchers wanted to know how fleas achieve liftoff and transfer the force from the spring mechanism to the ground. Cambridge researchers discovered the answer by using high-speed cameras, computer modeling, and 10 donated hedgehog fleas.

      “Using the cameras, researchers filmed the fleas jumping 51 times in a row. During 45 of those jumps, the fleas’ feet and knees were on the ground when the flea pushed off. However, in the remaining six jumps, the knees were both clear of the ground at that time, indicating they didn’t transfer the force of the jump to the ground. In all of the jumps the feet touched the ground, supporting a lower-leg push-off theory.”

     Wow – who knew fleas could be so fascinating?  Too bad they can’t stick around.

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(Photo removed)

     Neutered male Boxer-type dog found in Ocean View just before Easter.  If you recognize this dog, please contact us at 583-2619.  The owner should be able to provide proof of ownership. 

     (Please note:  This dog is not at our clinic at this time.)

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     Leash your dogs, pack a picnic, grab a couple of lawn chairs and head to the Hermitage Museum & Gardens for Sunsets on the River – the popular live music series at one of the most beautiful outdoor settings in Norfolk.  The grounds of the Hermitage are like an oasis in the city – and you’re welcome to bring your well-behaved dogs to enjoy the fun.

     Admission is FREE for museum members and just $5 for non-members over 12.  Kids 12 and under can attend free.  Bring your dinner with you – but please leave beverages at home.  The Hermitage will have a cash bar as well as non-alcohol drinks available for purchase.

     Tonight’s performer is local legend Lewis McGehee.  You must see Lewis McGehee perform live if you’d like to call yourself a “local” of Hampton Roads or any of the individual Seven Cities.  In fact, it’s written in the articles of incorporation of Princess Anne County.  Don’t check; just take my word for it.

     And remember to mark your calendars for performances from other area musicians on May 5, May 19, June 2, June 16, and June 30.  See you there!  ~~  Jen

     P.S.  The Hermitage offers discounted membership opportunities during special events.  If you’ve thought about joining and supporting this one-of-a-kind landmark, tonight is the night to sign up!

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