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A cat that dials 911.  A pig that won’t budge until its owner gets help.   A Dachshund that prevents an explosion.

We never get tired of reading about the heroic actions of our favorite companions.  Studies indicate that pet owners live longer and may be healthier than people who don’t own pets.  But some animals provide more than simple companionship:  they demonstrate near-human intelligence to warn, guide, defend, and bring help to their owners.

You can read about these stories at Readers’ Digest online, at Pets Best Insurance online, and over at


Do you know of a heroic pet or one that showed uncommonly good sense?  Tell us about it!  ~~  Jen

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It’s time for a rebate round-up for the good people of the world.

HeartGard Plus:  Buy two 6-packs (must match) and receive a $5 rebate.  We will fill out the form and send it in, so you don’t have to!
Bonus:  Go here to download a heartworm dose reminder app for your phone.

Iverhart Plus and Iverhart Max:  Go to and click on Submit Your Request to apply for a $3 rebate on every 6-pack you purchase.
Bonus:  Go here to set up a dosing reminder system via e-mail.

Sentinel:  Go to and click on Sentinel Rebate Offer to apply for a rebate online.
Bonus:  Go to and schedule a heartworm dose reminder.
Bonus bonus:   You can order a free Save Pets emergency sticker when you sign up for the dose reminder.

AdvantageBuy 6 tubes (can be mix and match, if you prefer) and receive a FREE grooming glove.

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I’ve gotten a sneak preview of this event, and I think you’re going to love it.

Have you set a goal for yourself that has so far proven unattainable?  Maybe you want to change careers, go back to school, start your own business, lose weight, find love, or make new friends.  No matter how much you want something, negative thinking could be holding you back.

Now, if someone offered you the key to understanding negative thoughts and how to squash them in order to move forward in life, wouldn’t you want to hear about it?

If you knew the many different ways that negative thoughts can actually harm your health, wouldn’t you want an easy way to protect yourself from harm?

That’s exactly what The Joy Paradigm is all about!

Your coach for the evening, Alexandra Whiteside, CPC, explains how negative thinking impacts your health and your decision-making, and what you can do to stop it in its tracks.   You’ll learn the foundation for building a joy-filled life:  one that sets you on the path to reaching your goals.

Look at this picture and answer the question:

Which road will you choose?

Register for the Joy Paradigm today!


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     So, it’s a wee bit early for Easter – like a month early.  But that doesn’t mean it’s too early for Easter fun!  Yes, it’s time to head on over to the website of the Washington Post and vote for your favorite Peeps diorama. 

     You remember Peeps, don’t you?  The ooey-gooey sugar-encrusted chicks and bunnies that look equally good sitting in a plastic-grass-filled basket or dancing down the steps à la Marilyn Monroe? 

Peeps Diorama by Charles Johnston, via The Washington Post

    Of course you do!  But is a Marilyn Peep hotter than a Marie Antoinette Peep?  Should a movie classic like Soylent Peep win out over a modern-day cult hit like Reservoir Peeps?  Now is the time to let your voice be heard on this important subject.  Vote for your favorite Peeps Show!  Do it!  Now!  What are you waiting for?  Why are you still reading this?  Gah!

     (Ahem)  When you’re finished voting, load up the station wagon and take the kids to PeepsWorld (complete with jaunty music; I should know – I’ve been there), join the Fan Club, watch a movie at the cinema, and learn new ways to incorporate Peeps into your cooking (roast peeps, anyone?)

     Peeps – they’re not just for breakfast anymore!

     Public Service Announcement:  Pets should not eat Peeps.

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     I’ve just learned about a product that cleans your dog’s feet before you let him back into the house – and promises no more muddy paw prints on the carpet.  Check out the PawPlunger

     Inventors Brianne Leary (from the Animal Planet show “Petsburgh”) and Andrew Taylor know all too well the mess that dogs can create indoors after playing outside in dirt, mud, and snow.  Since they didn’t want to restrict their pets’ outdoor exercise and since not every dog will wear booties, they came up with a solution that makes everyone happy. 

     PawPlunger is shaped like a coffee mug, but it has bristles on the inside to gently clean dirt, mud, grass, and snow off your pet’s feet.  And, the lid fits snugly to prevent spills and splashing.  Using the PawPlunger is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Fill the PawPlunger with tepid water to the top row of bristles.
  2. Place one paw in at a time and gently plunge up and down several times to remove debris.
  3. Dry your pet’s feet and you’re done!

     PawPlunger is available in 3 different sizes for small, medium, and large dogs.  Go here to order yours.

     Have you used the PawPlunger for your pet?  If you’ve tried it, let us know.  Tell us in the comments section what you think of PawPlunger!  ~~  Jen

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     Yesterday, we shared with you a list of cat toxins found in the home.  Today, we present the Top Ten list of toxins for dogs, as compiled by Veterinary Pet Insurance and Pet Poison Helpline.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Insect bait stations
  3. Mouse and rat poison
  4. Fertilizers
  5. Xylitol (sugar substitute) in items such as candy and gum
  6. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, generics)
  7. Acetaminophen (Tylenol, generics)
  8. Silica gel packs
  9. Amphetamines such as ADD/ADHD drugs
  10. Household cleaners

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     VPI Pet Insurance has compiled a list of the Top Ten toxic items for cats, as reported by Pet Poison HelpLine.  (Look for the Top Ten list for dogs, tomorrow.)

  1. Lilies
  2. Canine permethrin insecticides (flea & tick treatments)
  3. Household cleaners
  4. Mouse and rat poison
  5. Paint and varnish
  6. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  7. Glow sticks, glow jewelry
  8. Amphetamines, such as ADD/ADHD drugs
  9. Acetaminophen (Tylenol, generics)
  10. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, generics)

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