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Detail from Hedgies in the Hedges

Made for each other

     Jimi Whiteside, a local artist and Dr. Miele’s son-in-law, designed and hand-painted this cane for Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia.  The cane, dubbed “Hedgies in the Hedges” for its depiction of playful hedgehogs, won Third Place in the Raising Cane event.

     “Hedgie” is resting at our clinic where you can view it by request.  After its stop here, the cane will go home with Dr. Miele.  Be sure to ask to see it when you visit with us.  ~~  Jen

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     If you’ve ever considered giving Tylenol or its generic equivalent to a sick or injured pet, take our advice:  Don’t do it.

     Dogs and cats are not little people in fur coats.  Their physiology is significantly different from ours, such that our medicine cabinet staples can be poisonous to them.

     Tylenol (also known as acetaminophen) is deadly to dogs and cats.  Even one tablet is too much for a cat.  Acetaminophen causes severe liver damage, as well as damage to oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

     Signs of Tylenol poisoning include vomiting, breathing difficulty, lethargy, weakness, drooling, and brown-colored gums.  The second stage of poisoning includes swelling of the face, lips and legs; loss of coordination; convulsions and coma.  If a pet survives stage 2, it will go into stage 3 and exhibit jaundice due to liver failure; belly pain and an altered mental state.

     Tylenol poisoning must always be treated as an emergency:  take your pet directly to the 24-hour emergency hospital, such as the Tidewater Animal Emergency and Referral Center (364 South Independence Blvd. in Virginia Beach.)  Pets which recover may need to be on medications and specialized diets to compensate for reduced liver function, for life.

     In short, there is no acceptable case in which to give Tylenol or acetaminophen!



Helpful Phone Numbers

Tidewater Animal Emergency & Referral Center…………757-499-5463

Pet Poison Helpline ($35 per incident fee)…………………1-800-213-6680

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center ($65 fee)…………1-888-426-4435

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(Photo removed)

Large female Akita found in Camellia Acres on January 1, 2011.  If you recognize this dog, please call 583-2619 immediately.  The owner should be prepared to provide proof of ownership in order to reclaim this pet.

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